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Cowboy Maloney's

Online and Print proposal

Sharon Ray

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Cowboy Maloney's

Email Marketing Opportunities
in the Marketplace Great Creative!
HTML Creative to track clicks after open
Open Conversion Rate
Attractive Call to Action
Offers Offers and Offers! Email Marketing Source: GannettLocal; ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey Statistics and Opportunity Category
Keyword Analysis Organic Search
(Search Engine
Optimization) Paid Search
(Pay-Per-Click) Paid Search
(Pay-Per-Click) Search Engine
Results Page For every $1 spent on e-commerce revenue generated from paid search,
marketers can expect to see approximately $6 of in-store revenue. Organic Traffic Value: This is an estimate of what it would cost your competitor to get the amount of organic clicks they get a day via paid ads.
Paid/Organic Clicks: This is an estimate of how many paid and organic clicks your competitor gets a day.
Daily Budget: This is an estimate of what your competitor is spending each day on their PPC Ads.
Avg. Ad Position: This is an estimate of where your competitor’s PCC Ads are showing up in relation to others in the market. Analysis: In your current market, 18 competitors are using Google paid ads
as a means to drive ready to buy consumers to their business. The state of your category and market PATH TO
PURCHASE Consumers are doing more research online than ever. consumers find Google and Amazon
most helpful, while half as many found traditional stores or websites most helpful. All of this punctuates
the need for a PPC ads can be used to reinforce
the keywords that rank organically. Organic search will only support
keywords that show up on your
website while PPC can target as
many keywords as you want. Supplement already strong search engine
rankings with PPC and control more of the
search engine results pages. Show ads to users who've previously visited
your website as they browse the Web. different media sources when shopping for products or services in their local area. Almost two out of three consumers
surveyed use a mobile/smartphone
to gain information on a brand, product
or destination at least three or
four days a week. Knotice Study more memorable than ads on traditional television. With info at their fingertips,
today’s consumers are
more discerning about
how they buy, from where
and at what prices. Advertisers have a much later
entry point in the transaction to reach consumers with more timely and
relevant information and offers, both online and off. It's MORE IMPORTANT
THAN EVER Forrester's recent North American Technographics® Consumer Deep Dive survey in Most consumers say they
conduct some research
before purchasing
a product, with only 2% stating they usually make their purchases on the spot. comprehensive PPC campaign. PPC
Benefits Deliver traffic and new customers at
the most cost effective points available. Immediate
Search Visibility PPC marketing is the fastest and easiest
way to show up on the search engines. Reduce Costs $ Extensive testing and analysis
enables more clicks for
the advertising dollar
and the highest quality traffic. Increase Depth of
Keyword Targeting Maximize
Return on
Ad Spend Reinforce
Branding Remarketing Increase Organic
Click Through Rates Analysis: The search volume of ready to buy
consumers looking for your type of business
supports the notion that you can acquire new
leads through paid ads on Google. Keyword: Appliances Jackson MS
Avg. CPC: $1.59
Monthly Search Volume: 480 Keyword: Electronics Jackson MS
Avg. CPC: $2.11
Monthly Search Volume: 210 Keyword: Flat Panel Television
Avg. CPC: $1.11 Competitive Analysis Source: Revtrax 2011 Major Competitors PPC keywords Major Competitors PPC keywords Keyword opportunities surveyed used an online coupon when shopping
for products or services in their local area.
Coupons have come from email offers
and online display advertising. On average,
are using 7.9 58% (Source: Analysis Mason 5/30/12) of smartphone owners use email. 98% So, the #1 thing that most
smartphone owners
do on their phone
is access their email. Email marketing
lets people click
on a link immediately,
visit your full website,
and take action. Email marketing is becoming mobile marketing. In the first six months of 2012,
36% of emails sent were opened
on a mobile device – a 32%
increase over the last half of 2011,
when 27% of sent emails
were opened via a mobile device. Other online media sources
include video display advertising. comScore found
that consumers
find online
video ads to be 38% average daily visitors on ClarionLedger.com in December 2012. Use print advertising in
The Clarion Ledger
to round out this mix
and keep up brand awareness. 67,000 Engage with these potential customers
with video and display advertising. Moving up to 15%
of your TV budget
to digital can increase
your reach by up to 3.4%
for CPG clients and up to
6.2% for non-CPG clients Your Clarion-Ledger Package 102 print ads annually - Up from 92
425,000 online TV commercial impressions
75,000 Virtual Salesman impressions (concentrated Wed-Fri)
100,000 emails sent monthly
PPC campaign for your online advertising This package will not only give you $25,000 added value in ROP, you will also get a 10% rebate
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