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Monsters inc

No description

Liberty na

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Monsters inc

Character Archetypes James P. Sullivan:
-Later a caretaker
-Outcast Mike Wazowski -Loyal Retainer
-Messenger Randall Boggs -Devil Figure
-Rogue Fungus Sycophant Henry J Waternoose Tyrant
Villain Celia Mae Secondary Characters Care taker
Hopeless Romantic Boo Innocent Youth
Damsel In Distress Introduction Symbols Black(darkness) - death, evil, chaos -> Randall & Mr. Waternoose
Green - adaptability, growth, envy -> Mike
Blue - devotion, innocence, truth, depth -> Sully
Ice/Snow - Bareness, coldness -> Mike & Sully banished
Mountain - ambition, goals -> After they were banished in the mountains Sully sets a goal to get back to the Monster world and save Boo
Flower - Innocence, purity, loyal love and can mean "I'll never tell" -> Boo's Door
Sock - messy children, feared by monsters -> Code 2319
Door - opening, adventure, accessibility, opportunity -> Childrens' closets Turning Point Throughout the movie all of the monsters were terribly afraid of being contaminated by the children. Once Sully realized how badly he was scaring these children he began to grow protective feelings for Boo. Sully knew what Randall wanted, but he wouldn't allow him to scare Boo anymore. Mike, Sully's best friend and roommate, tried to talk Sully out of it, but he wanted nothing to do with what Mike was telling him to do. This is a turning point because the monsters were scared of the children at first and now Sully and Mike are trying to protect a child. Also, they both realized that what they were doing before was wrong. At the beginning Sully and Mike were just scaring children and not caring how scared the children were. Now that they realized that children have emotions as well, and they both knew what Randall wanted to do , they tried to save Boo, so that she was safe once again. Monsters Inc is a business that provides the town of Monstropolis with power. This power comes from the screams of children scared by hired monsters. Unfortunately, fewer children have been getting scared because they’re being desensitized by the things that they watch. The CEO of Monsters Inc- Henry J Waternoose, is not happy. Quest In this movie there is one main quest The quest is to get Boo back home so that everything returns back to normal. Quest for Social Order No humans had entered their world before and they thought humans were dangerous. Even being touched by a small sock seemed harmful to them. Things began to get very chaotic in their world and so they needed life to get back to normal The top screaming record in the company belongs to a furry blue and purple spotted monster by the name of James P. Sullivan- Sully, who is assisted by his best friend Mike Wazowski. Both monsters are kind and caring at heart, but do their job. At the factory, there is a Devil figure by the name of Randall Boggs. Randall has been James P. Sullivan’s strongest competitor, and he’s resorted to a more cruel way of collecting screams to try and beat the power crisis. Sully and Mike’s journey begins when a little girl whom Sully names Boo, and finds her way to the monster world. Situational Archetypes Falling From A High Position - Sully was the top "scarer" and later finds himself banished from the monster world.
Being Tempted - Mike was tempted to fall into Randall's trap when he was offered Boo's door.
Loss Of Innocence - Children were becoming harder to scare and therefore losing their innocence.
Being Reborn - Sully was reborn when he saw the look on Boo's face after he accidentally scared her. He realized what harm he had been doing to the children and implements a better way to generate energy.
Battle Between Good And Evil - Mike & Sully Vs Randall & Mr. Waternoose Ending Eventually, their lives were changed for the better and the scaring days were over. Sully and Mike learned that a child's laughter was ten times more powerful than their scream. Monsters Inc. became more successful than it had ever been before. The critical analysis reveals the meaning of the movie by showing that you can't judge a book by its cover. When you look in depth at each component of the movie you see that the children were scared of the monsters and vice versa, but once they got to know each other they realized that before judging someone, they should get to know them first.
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