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MS3 - Research Ideas

Map outlining overview of A2 Media WJEC

A Wainman

on 9 October 2010

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Transcript of MS3 - Research Ideas

MS3 designed to demonstrate the importance
of research in informing media production and to develop the skills acquired in MS2.
Students will demonstrate an integrated understanding of texts, audiences and institution through a written investigation leading to a production outcome.
Candidates are required to produce three pieces of linked work:

A research investigation (1400-1800 words) 45 marks
A production (informed by the investigation) 45 marks
A brief evaluation (500-750 words) 10 marks Research Investigation 1400-1800 wds MUST be individual! on ONE of the following: Genre Narrative Representation 1. 2. 3. Research MUST draw on a range of primary and secondary sources 3 core music video texts* *not to include those we are studying as part of
MS4 OR 3 core films from:
British Thriller
Social Realism film
Coming of Age film Research MUST inform your production Research should be in form of a discursive essay with or without illustrations must include a detailed BIBLIOGRAPHY details of all sources used, quotes and findings must be referenced! ....so.... make sure your research has the potential to translate into a production setting a clear research agenda
exploring key texts
researching existing theories, arguments and debates on your topic
considering audience issues & undertaking primary audience research
applying your research to the topic, considering contexts/changes, issues, trends and debates etc.
drawing intelligent and independent/original conclusions
Research path some research examples: - An analytical comparison between three narrative driven music videos
- A study of gender representations in three music videos
- An exploration of the representation of teenagers in (two or three)
British films.
- An investigation into how genre conventions are used to raise audience
expectations in opening sequences to thriller films
"Exploring the Ways in Which Female Artists are Represented in Music Videos, Specifically of the Indie Genre, and Whether They Still Form as a Passive Object of the Male Gaze?"

Lady Gaga (various videos)
Kate Nash - Foundations video
Regina Spektor- Fidelity video
Area chosen key texts Key arguments/theories/debates male gaze theory
critical debates on role of women in society today
critical analysis on representation of women in music videos
Audience Issues para-social relationships with media texts (extension of uses and gratification theory) textual analysis COUNTS as primary research! Research Project idea Apply Research to topic; context, issues, trends Relevence of NMT
Postmodern reading of texts
Context of artists chosen in the wider range of female artists
Cultural/historical context Key Texts You therefore need to choose your groups EARLY! As you need to agree on your chosen area of investigation i.e. genre, narrative or representation AND which specific role you will be adopting for the production Audio visual productions should be no longer than 4 minutes in length Reflecting your research findings (either by conforming to or deliberately challenging your findings) is essential. Evaluation Production The production must be accompanied by an individual evaluation which explores how the production has been informed by the research undertaken into the relevant media concept. The evaluation can be produced in any appropriate form such as:
• a discursive essay (with or without illustrations)
• a digital presentation with slide notes (such as a PowerPoint)
• a suitably edited blog.
http://www.sjd.ac.uk/vle/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=34679 MS4 This is a 2 1/2 hour paper, bringing together ALL elements of the course: key concepts, audience & industry & key theories you are required to explore in detail 3 industry areas of the media Film Shaun of the Dead
Let The Right One In
Fish Tank Music Industry David Bowie
Leona Lewis TV Dr Who
TV News
The Wire Questions will be broad based around:
e.g How do your chosen texts use genre
conventions? The paper is split into 2 parts:
Section A where you must answer 1 question from a choice of 2

Section B where you must answer 2 questions from a choice of 4 Section A is primarily text based Section B is about Industry and audience Candidates must use a different Industry for EACH question! Questions are equally weighted! What will I need to know? For each text you will be expected to consider the following:
Be able to discuss the text with regard to:
Representation Be able to discuss the implications of each industry (in relation to the chosen text) with regard to:
Distribution (and exhibition if appropriate)
Marketing & promotion
Regulation Issues
Global implication
Relevent historical background

Be able to discuss audience, namely:
Audience/user targetting
Audience/user positioning
Audience responses and user interaction
Debates about the relationship between audience/users and text
How is the exam structured? What texts/industries will I be Studying this year? A2 Media Studies 2010/11 chris
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