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Beliefs and Religions of the Elizabethan Era

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Natalie Bruder

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Beliefs and Religions of the Elizabethan Era

Magic + Superstitions
Astrology: the belief that the position and movement of the stars can foretell and influence events on Earth.
Many wars fought in the name of religion.
All English Catholics were seen as traitors.
Those who did not assimilate to the "official" religion could be tortured.
Catholics believed the Bible and Church Services should be in Latin.
Priests were the only link to God.
Churches should celebrate God.
What Were the Religions and Beliefs of the Era
Beliefs and Religions of the Elizabethan Era
What It Is
Protestants believed Bibles and Church Services should be in the language of the people.
People could find God on their own.
Churches should be plain.
Magic + Witchcraft
Various Superstitions
Protestants Vs Catholics
Queen Marry I believed in Catholicism and prosecuted Protestants.
Queen Elizabeth I made Protestantism the "official" religion.
Many Catholic plots against Elizabeth.
They wanted to replace Elizabeth with her cousin.

This is a witch that was being prosecuted after being found guilty of being a witch.

https://8th-grade-english-shakespeare-10.wikispaces.com/Supernatural1 Burning Witch
http://people.opposingviews.com/religious-life-elizabethan-era-5189.html Queen Elizabeth
http://americaneedsfatima.blogspot.ca/2009/03/renaissance-popes-and-catholic-faith.html Bishops
http://hankwhittemore.wordpress.com/2011/ Astrology
The human body was thought to be a mini version of the universe.
Everything in the universe was thought to consist of the four elements.
The body was also thought to contain four "humours".
A person's temperament depended on the way the humours mixed.
Illness and mental disorders were blamed on an imbalance of the humours.
Queen Elizabeth I
https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1164&bih=583&q=elizabethan+fairies&oq=elizabethan+fairies&gs_l=img.3..0j0i24.30930.40417.0.41199. Fairy
During the Elizabethan era people blamed unexplainable events as the work of witches.
Witches were able to fly.
A witch was often portrayed as an old crone or hag
Witches are closely associated with living alone.
Witches were known to keep animals which were believed to be the forms adopted by a Witches Familiar
Witches brewed magic potions over a cauldron .

Saying "God Bless You" following a sneeze

An eclipse was seen as an omen of evil

It was unlucky for a black cat to cross your path

The 'seventh son of a seventh son' was believed to possess supernatural powers

It was unlucky to keep the feather of a peacock

Pin bay leaves to your pillow on the Eve of St Valentine

Touch wood to guard against bad luck.

Not to walk under ladders

Shoes on a table

Spilling Salt or pepper

Fairies were seen as evil creatures that played mean tricks on people. Shakepear introduced the first fairies with wings in
A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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