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matthew briere

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of bobcat

Bobcat Habitat Form and Function Human impact Bobcats are found in all elevations including the outskirts of urban areas, rocky areas, and brushey backyards. Bobcats live in forested areas, swamp areas, and marshes. Bobcats are also found in Hammock land, and shrub thickets. Bobcats also favor caves, logs, trees, and rocky and brushy hillsides. They range from south Canada into Mexico and found in all of North America. Bobcats eat birds, rodents, rabbits, small pets, poultry, and small livestock. They will also eat roadkill, insects, porcupines, and persimmons. The bobcat has razor sharp claws, and needle like teeth used as good weapons. They can run up to 15 miles per hour and jump over 12 feet. Female bobcats usually have a litter of 1 to 7 kits. Males are generally larger and have a grey coat in the winter with dark spotting. Bobcats are also excellent climbers but usually stay on ground. It's ears are tuffed and gets it's name from ''stubby'' or bobbed tail. Bobcats can live in the brushy yards of humans because of habitat loss. They are affected by hunting and trapping. 500 feline bobcats have been recorded in roadkill. They travel from place to place because of forest fires and climate change. Bobcats are more active at night than day because of human activity. They also hunt at night. Lynx Rufus by Matthew Briere the end
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