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harvey cushing visual

No description

Gracie pie

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of harvey cushing visual

HARVEY CUSHING dyslexia is difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, or other symbols. Along with dyslexia comes a special skill, being able to view 2D objects in 3D! manuals and instructons are difficult, because we can't see the model in 3D. Some people can do this though! it was easy for him to utilize his dyslexia to view what he was operating on in a 3D view. cushing was drawn to surgery
by his skill of delacately handling tissue. He graduated from Yale in 1891, and recieved his
M.D. from Harvard. After a year's internship at
Massachussets general hospital, he was a resident in
surgery for William Halsted in John Hopkins hospital.
He then went abroad and learned from many great
scientists and surgeons. They directed his attention to
neurosurgery, which he then devoted the rest of his life to. Parents:
Bessie and Kirke Cushing Middle class citizens

Kirke Cushing was a physician, as well as
his father and his grandfather. Harvey Cushing's brother was also a doctor.

Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, in an urban community. neurosurgeon 1869~1939 He invented special tools to help control bleeding in surgery. He published many books which I will now try to pronounce. Tumors of the Nervous Acusticus and The syndrome of Cerebellopontile From a sergeon's journal to wrap it up... His skills helped him find success, and he was inspired by his father.

He gained respect by traveling abroad and meeting doctors, he also received an M.D., and also by becoming a teacher. His legacy is his five kids, his breakthrough in neurosurgery, his many, many books, and his diagnosing of Cushings Disease.
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