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Characteristics of life

No description

Tylor Bayliss

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Characteristics of life

Characteristics of life
By; Tylor & Bryant

Nerves telling your body something is hot, cold, ext

Ex. Touching a stove, your nerves tell your brain, ow thats hot, pull away your hand.
The pattern of growth and development of humans
Growth= getting bigger, taller, and increasing in physical size
Development= how emotions and fellings grow

Their are two types of celled organisms, single celled, and multi-celled.

Single - In a single celled organism, one cell does everyones job.

Multi - In a multi-celled organism, many cells do their own specialized job, and they get stuff done.
Sexual And Asexual Reproduction
Sexual reproduction= two things (animals humans, ect...) forming a new lifeform by combining the male and female DNA
Asexual reproduction- One thing (bacteria, fungi, animals, ect) budds or forms a exect copy/clone of itself
Your body makes it to where you can live in different places varing in heat ext. Depending in where your born depends on what your used to
46 chromosomes + 23 not paired
Metabolism is what your body does to break down chemicals in your body. It is the reason for all chemical reactions in the human body, whether it be breaking them down or combining. Ex. people increase there metabolism to lose weight because it would break down fat faster.
Evolution=The procces of which organisms belived to have developed and diversed over earleir forms during the history of Earth.
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