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By Izzy Reed

No description

Gene Monahan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of By Izzy Reed

By Izzy Reed
John Rolfe, a colonist, started the tobacco rave that traveled around the world. Tobacco is a plant that was known as a "cash crop", a crop that farmers would plant to exchange goods, like metal, cloths, and food.
Tobacco has been Born!
Since working on tobacco was hard work,planters or farmers would trade slaves to work on tobacco in fields. It was hard,and when slaves worked on tobacco, there was an even bigger demand for tobacco! The punishments for slaves were cruel, and could be a burn made by a farmer, being whipped, breaking a slaves bones, and much more.
A Slaves Job
The Southern part of the U.S. started to love tobacco in 1775.Farmers would grow it to make a living. In fact, most of the people were farmers or planters. (If they didn't already have slaves.)

The Southern Love
Tobacco was used like money in the Southern. It could also be used for demands, trades, trips,etc... Without it, I don't think the Southern could even be an economy. Tobacco was one of the most important cash crops ever.
Why was Tobacco so Important to the Southern Colonies?
The Importance of Tobacco in Economies
Google Images
Websites, www.watertown, and www.encyclopediavirgina.org.
Learning Packet (Also got info from www.encyclopediavirgina.org)
A World Without Money

Imagine our world with out money. No jobs, no food, no nothing! That's what it would be like in the 1700s without tobacco. That's why they needed tobacco! ( By they I mean the Southern colonies.) They wouldn't have an economy without tobacco.
When Slavery Started

Slavery started in 1776, and ended in 1863. Once slavery started, farmers were at ease, for they had someone to help them grow tobacco and make a living!
How Tobacco was Made
Before growing tobacco, you would've cut down a bunch of trees, because tobacco kind of, took over land.Tobacco was grown and harvested over the time of a YEAR! That's a lot of time. Once it was harvested, it had to be dried, then hung in a little house called a hogshead.
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