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Life of a Roman Soldier

No description

Lori Bova

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Life of a Roman Soldier

Preston Bova Life of a Roman Soldier 1. Are you about 18 years old? So you want to be a Roman soldier 2. Are you unmarried? 3. Are you a citizen of the Roman Empire? 4. Are you willing to obey orders without question? 5. Do you have good eyesight, hearing, and are you strong? 6. Are you in shape? 7. Do you speak Latin? if you survive as a Roman soldier for 25 years you will be well... Good news 1. fed 2. paid 3. traveled 4. looked after when you retire resources Don't get too comfortable So you made the cut You still have to train Standard training 1. Running, marching, swimming or wrestling 2. Weapons training 3. Learning to make a camp 4. Learning the signals Remember Rome is violent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not suggest being lazy Punishments by officers 1. He will hit you with his cane 2. He will cut your food rations 3. He will give you more work to do food rations Have you eaten? bread, meat, olive oil, wine don't get your hopes up about the taste it will almost always be stale or spoiled One more thing SURVIVE Are you ready to sign up????????
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