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Training Report

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on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Training Report

Company Profile
Work Experience and
Learning Outcomes

Primary Research
the turkey’s undisputed leader in the sector

Engineering New Record as the World’s 2nd largest airport contractor.

United Emirates

Egypt Branch
Bahrain Branch
Tunisia Branch
Libya Branch
Qatar Branch
Maccedonia Branch
TAV Muscat LL

TAV Qatar LL
Ankara Esenboga Airport
Antalya Gazipas airport
Istanbul Ataturk Airport
Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport
Tibilsi Airport
Batuma Airport
Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport
Enfidha Hammamet Airport
Skopje Airport
Ohrid Airport
Medinah Airport
Riga International Airport
: Duty Free
: Food and Beverage operations
: Information Technologies
IT equipment and network maintenance
: Operations Services
-commercial area allocation
-Business development through commercial activities
-marketing of advertisement and promotional sections,
Ground Handling services
-passenger and baggage handling
-representation and surveillance
-flight operation

TAV Security:
Operates in the cargo security, facility security, mo
ney and valuables transfer
Intervention in the purchasing procedures through the preparation of the documents related to the purchase operations, manually and on the online system, such as: -item code request, request for quotation, companring tables and purchasing orders.
Contacting suppliers in order to ask for some information like the banking details, taxation services, or to ask for quotations and offers.
Classification of the Purchsing Orders according their number
Review of the invoices and the Purchasing Orders compatibility, then comminicate them to the accounting department after being logged in the invoice book.
Preparation of the 2013 annual report which involves the statistics of all the transactions conducted during the year. It includes three parts, the amount of expenditures per category then per purchaser, and the list of top 10 suppliers.
Then I presented this report during the team meeting with the head of the department, purchase and procurement director and logistics director.
Functions of the Procurement and Purchasing Department :
The purchasing department's main function is to co-ordinate and carry out all the activities related to the purchase.
The purchasing team is responsible for rending assistance to all departments of TAV Tunisie ( including Enfidha Airport, Monastir Airport, Administration Building and Tunis office) in the procurement of equipment, products and services, managing all the projects of construction, reparation and maintenance, and performing contracts with suppliers.
This includes receiving requisitions, doing the market research, contacting suppliers, negotiating offers and prices, coming with the best agreements and performing the procurement procedures.
This is the software system covering the workflow model starting from request submittal stage to the issuance and payment of the invoices which « gives a complete control of purchasing and supply chain management »
(ERP Software)
A purchasing operation starts with a
purchasing request
created on ORACLE system. It should include:
-Description of the required product/service
-delivery date required
-estimated budget.

After creation, the purchasing requisition should be approved by:
the requester’manager
-the cost controller
- the stock controller
- the financial affairs manager
- the CEO
Effective Flow of Information
Negotiation Skills
Presenting Skills
The Request Process
After doing the market research and collecting offers (3 at least), a
Request for Quotation
should be prepared in Oracle including all the details.
The appropriate and best offer is selected and approved by:
-deputy manager procurement and purchasing
- deputy PDG procurement, logistics and Marketing
- CEO ( and if the amount is more than 50 million dinars , the approval of the TAV Holding -mother company in turkey- is essential.
Order Process
The next step is the preparation of
the purchasing order
, which is considered as the legal offer between the purchaser and the supplier. It includes all the details about the purchase .
Then, the PO need to be approved by
-the Deputy procurement and purchasing manager
- the Deputy CEO procurement, Logistics and Marketing
then signed by the latest and the Adminitrative and Financial Affairs manager
This step is processed between the supplier and the warehouse. The first should provide a
including all the details about the order , and the other
an issue note
produced by Oracle in order to confirm the reception.
Delivery Process
After receiving the invoice the accounting responsible matches the Purchasing Order details with the invoice’s , then send it to the approval of:
-the deputy manager Accounting
- Cost controller
- Accounting Manager .
Once approved, the financial department proceed the payment process which cannot be done before 30 days of delivery at least.
Accounting and Payment

In some cases, the delivered product misfits the order already confirmed in the PO ( different product, different quantity, damaged product). So, it must be sent back to the vendor. In similar cases,
a Dispatch Note
must be prepared and signed by the warehouse chief then sent to the accounting department to prepare
a Credit Note
. Thus the products could be returned.
Return Process

According to the Law Dictionary, this structure reveals to a "one common purchasing organization manages one purchasing system for all purchase needs of all the departments of a company in a wide geographical distribution"
Minizing costs and expenditures by buying in bulk
Higher control over the purchasing procedures and process
How could the purchasing function be the source of obstacles, problems and conflicts?
What are the real factors that make the department, which is supposed to be the saver of time, cost and energy, a disrupter for others’ work and the cause of their dissatisfaction?
How would you evaluate the work among the Purchasing department?
What are, according to you, the major strengths of your team?
What are your comments about the purchasing process & procedures?
What are, according to you, the weak/ negative points in the Purchasing department?
Purchasers are the central axis of the purchasing function since they are responsible for all the company’s purchases including the transactions’ flow and the management of the internal and external operations along the process . Hence, they are an asset, their commitment and performance are the way to an effective job.
The purchasing staff, which is composed of 7 purchasers, handles the demands of two international airports and two administrative unites with enormous requests: big number and high value. The volume of work and the multitasks are a source of stressful work conditions.
The “over-weight” of tasks is associated to long, unclear, complex and rigid procedures and regulations . According to purchasers, this is the real cause behind any delay or retardation in the delivery and payment.
Please rate you satisfaction with the following aspects of the purchasing staff
Chart of the question for Requesters
Chart for the question for Suppliers
How do you evaluate the following areas in the purchasing process
Chart of the question for Suppliers
Chart of the question for Requesters
How would you rate your understanding of
Chart of the question for Suppliers
Chart of the question for Requesters
on a scale of 0 - 10 please rate the areas below
Chart of the question for Requesters
Chart of the question for Suppliers
Overall, are you satisfied with the purchasing department performance?
Chart of the question for Requesters
Chart of the question for Suppliers
This report started with the observation that despite the potential and expertise of the purchasers added to the structured strategy, a lot of complaints were received on a daily basis from all the players in the process.
When it comes to big companies like TAV, what matters the most is how things go in order to achieve goals and maintain a high organizational level.

Hence, the centralized purchasing structure is used for the same purpose. Basically, the formalized rules and policies fixed by TAV Holding have contributed to the tight management of the buying function over TAV Tunisie.

However, according to my research, the procedures under this structure have proven to be a double edged weapon.
Hence the SWOT Analysis below would highlight all the aspects of the purchasing function that I have concluded throughout my research.
-Organization: An organized team with a good level of professionalism and expertise which lead to effective flow of operations.

-Good communication with all the parties.
The ability to manage all purchases categories despite their differences and the complexity of some of them.

-Good co-ordination with the logistics department and the warehouse.

-The computerization system, basically ORACLE Database is an efficient tool to manage and store data, to control the process and the flow of information between the concerned departments.

-Purchasers are dealing with a big volume of demands and multitasks. Thus, they work under pressure which is mainly the cause of stressful conditions leading to mistakes.

-The process goes through numerous steps and formalities making it long, complex and unclear. That is the origin of requesters' and suppliers' dissatisfaction.

-The approval process is long as well and leads to delays .

(see recommendations below)
- Due to the process complexities, suppliers frequently express their dissatisfaction, and many of them may refuse to deal with TAV company in the foreseeable future.

-Requesters are not content, too. and the problem that some choose to conduct purchases out of procedures.

Indeed, we ought to highlight that TAV did not update these regulations despite the continuous change of the department activities. Then, not paying attention to the effect of these procedures has caused serious problems and conflicts and has been an obstacle toward maintaining better and easier transactions' flow, in spite of the latest strong impact on developing the purchasers' performance, gaining the requesters' confidence and attracting the suppliers.
In short, the firm's capacity to deal with a variety of relationships in different ways is arguably of huge importance for its performance (Gadde and Snehota 2000). This variety, however, needs "dynamic forces" in order to cope with the in house requirements as well as the supply market. Considering that, the purchasing function needs to be useful and organized as an interface between a network of internal and external parties and a platform for crucial decisions and initiatives.
TAV should focus its attention on the working conditions within the department itself. On this level a number of decisions could be taken, such as:


Better division of tasks among the team
Revision the purchasing procedures.

Restructuring the entire mechanism of the approval system

Reducing the payment duration
University of Sousse
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

TepeAkfen Ventures
Enfidha Hammamet Int. Airport

Training Report
Submitted by:
Nada Ghedamsi
Supervised by:
Dr. Hafedh El Gharbi
Jury members
Dr. Jonathan Mason
Dr. Hafeth El Gharbi
Mrs. Mouna Hamrita
(3rd member)
Academic year: 2013-2014
Thank you
for your attention !
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