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No description

Raine Edrosa

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of StarsTrak

However... Fans several celebrities and sources - time consuming
too many sites and apps to use
official content Celebrities too many social networks to manage
interaction with fans becomes time consuming
community-generated data can damage
not tech-savvy to leverage mobile+social Solution: StarsTrak as the fan app: official source for celebrity content aggregate multiple sources and celebrities as the celebrity app: mobile presence publish content to SNS manage public conversation better brand ambassador exposure to fans and other celebrities StarsTrak Vision number 1 Philippine app for keeping up-to-date with celebrities establish celebrity graph for PH community "new media" on mobile to complement tri-media fan profile, demographics, etc. Objectives Fans Celebrities access to aggregated content
real time updates
gain access to more types of celebrity content
discover other celebrities enhance fan engagement
additional source of income through ads
improve marketability
provide info about fans (statistics) Product Facts aggregate content from celebrities and sources
data gathering
accessible via smartphones, tablets, smart TV
SNS sharing integration
availability through cached content knowledge discovery, analytics, reporting Market Overview 27.5 M 87.26 M internet users mobile cellular subscriptions PH as the fastest-growing market for smartphones value of smartphones sold: growth by 402% in the 1st Q of 2012 over the same period in 2011 sales of $265 M in the 1st Q of 2012 source: World Bank, Gfk Asia Market Seeding Celebrity Content few celebrity-endorsed pages Stratpoint-verified celebrity sources top celebrities in Twitter and Instagram Fanbase Development Google App store for free Telpad Tweet app existence using celebrity hashtags Prototype, Version 1 optional registration
registered users: tag favorites, etc. sign up / sign in
via FB celebrities listing
favorites notifications for updates count users who favorite the celebrity aggregate posts from Twitter and Instagram Cast Raine Gigi Jomar Tisha Floyd Noreen backend dev primary mobile dev, Android assistant mobile dev, Android UX / UI backend adviser Project owner StarsTrak 03.14.13
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