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My first half-term at High School

This is a presentation on my first half-term at my new high school.

Mollie Hill

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of My first half-term at High School

By Mollie My First Half-Term at High School My friends I have got lots of friends at school. I knew some of them from my primary school but some of them I have just met. My best friends are Kirsty, Jess and Lauren! They are AMAZING best friends! They are always there for me, and they're like sisters to me! My other friends are Rachel, Hannah, Hannah, Eva, Kate, Emma, Millie and Caitlin. Lessons We do lots of different lessons, I like some of them but some of them I really don't like. My favourite subjects are PSHE and Thinking + Learning because the teachers are really funny! I also like English, PE and German, I really don't like Geography or Maths! D: Dance Me and my friends have joined the Dance club on every Wednesday dinner time. At the moment we are doing a Bollywood Dance, it is so funny! We are all looking forward to the dance show next year...Wish us luck!! :) What it's like... At the moment everything is going okay... I'm having lots of fun here!! Me... Jess... Kirsty... Lauren... Don't worry...We don't really look like that! I miss my friends from primary, but... I think I'll enjoy it here, ,my first half-term has been great,
so hopefully the rest will be just as good! :) Thank you for watching my presentation!! :D . . ) With help from Kirsty!!
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