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Copy of Stargirl EA1: 3 Levels of reading

No description

Shannon Jahn

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Stargirl EA1: 3 Levels of reading

"We wanted to define her as we did each other, but we could not seem to get past "weird" and "strange" and "goofy"
The word "strange" is important to the meaning of the story because it shows how unusual she was compared to the rest of the kids at school... carrying a pet rat, dancing in the rain all by herself, singing to students in the cafeteria, etc. The word sets the tone for how the rest of the students see her and why they treat her the way they do. She doesn't conform to their idea of normal.
Level 2:
Between the Lines
Stargirl carried her pet rat, Cinnamon, everywhere. Have you ever seen a girl carrying a pet rat to school? No one else would even think of doing this. Very strange.
"Stargirl was still outside. In the rain. Dancing" (Spinelli 11).
1. Not native to or naturally belonging in a place
2. foreign
3. not known heard or seen
4. causing surprise or wonder
5. ill at ease.
She played her ukulele in the lunchroom in front of everyone despite what others thought of her. She didn't care if they thought she was strange.

EA1: 3 Levels of Reading

Level 1:
On the Line
"It was her pet rat" (Spinelli 11).
"The girl was picking up her ukulele. And now she was strumming it" (Spinelli 5).
After everyone came in from the rain, Stargirl was still outside dancing around with no music or anyone else. It was such bizarre and strange behavior, like something a 5 year old would do.
"And singing. It was Happy Birthday. When she came to his name she didn't just sing his first name, but his full name:
Happy Birthday, dear Alan Fer-kooooh
..." (Spinelli 9)
Stargirl was singing "Happy Birthday" to a senior she had never met before, and she was singing in front of almost the whole school. It was strange how she had the courage to stand up in front of the entire school and sing.
Level 3:

Beyond the Lines
Thematic Statements
1. Accepting others for being themselves is one of the greatest gifts we can give.
2. Life changing opportunities are lost when we are not accepting of others.
Thank You For Watching!
Theme - "Acceptance"
Originally created by Cameron Wee
by J. Spinelli
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