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Technological Tools at the Primary School Level: How Do Teachers Construct the Learning or the Assessment Experience?

Lausanne Laptop Institute: Memphis, TN - July, 17, 2012

Sue Tummarello

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Technological Tools at the Primary School Level: How Do Teachers Construct the Learning or the Assessment Experience?

Technological Tools
for Primary School Children ...

Learning and Assessment Experience at
Montclair Kimberley Primary School
How do primary school level teachers construct
the learning or assessment experience?
How do primary school students learn to participate with digital tools that both build and assess skills?
Examples of structures that support how teachers construct the learning and/or assessment experience.
Curricular and Instructional Philosophy

Communication Mechanisms

Professional Development
We've grappled with the concept of "citizen as participator" in digital spaces.
Students have participated
with digital tools for:
Students create content to show sequence of events
Observing Monarchs
Collecting Tulip Data
Beyond the Tools
Beyond the Tools
Sample Agenda from iPad Institute
Sample resource(s) connecting iPad use with explicit numeracy goals - Professional Development
Created by: M. Gonzales
One Mobile Laptop
Two Mobile Lab
Laptop Carts

Four Mobile Laptop Carts
One iPod Touch Lab
One iPod Lab
One iPad Mobile Lab
Two iPad Mobile Lab
Our PS Timeline w/Technology in Connection
with 1:1 24/7 Initiative at the MS and US
x 2
Year of 1:1
x 4
x 2
New Laptop Cycle MS and US
Year of new roll out
Assess Foreign Language communication and vocabulary development
• Assessment for numeracy skills

• Building thinking maps with Kidspiration

• Poetry podcasting and digital storytelling

• Character studies using concept maps, research
about author’s lives

• Communication through videoconferencing

• Communication using digital pictures and video

• Illustrating a setting with drawing programs

• Finding locations and learning about physical features with Google Earth
Value added?
Indirect Manipulation
Tools Change
Direct Manipulation
MKA Primary School
Educational Rationale for iPads
Winter 2011
Screencasting for the purpose of communication and assessment
Teacher's insights into iPad use
students practicing skills

Collaborative Sharing

communicate evidence and categorize
making inferences
Using manipulatives with direct manipulation of the tool
Sue Tummarello
Damien Barrett
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