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jance ong

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of max's

The house that fried chicken built. Vision: To be the most Filipino brand and world-class company, passionate in bringing-out the best in a Filipino with products that delight the world and with services that epitomizes Filipino hospitably, with genuine care and service from the heart. Mission: Customer: to consistently delight them with great food, excellent service in a clean and comfortable environment.

Employers: to provide them with good working environment and opportunities for personal, professional and career development.

Stockholder: to treat as strategic business partner worthy of respect, fairness and professionalism

Community: to conduct our business with social responsibility through good corporate governance and citizenship. History Max's Restaurant's beginnings started in 1945, after world war II

Maximo Gimenez, a standford-educated teacher, befriended the american occupation troops and insisted that they pay for the drinks

This prompted Maximo to open a cafe and initially served chicken, steak and drinks. Ruby, Maximo's neice, managed the kitchen and created a special recipe for chicken.

Max's Restaurant was born

They grew and became known as "the house that fried chicken built".

Max's Restaurant has established itself as a household name, an institution, and a proud Filipino tradition. The second and third generation of the family continued Max's Restaurant.

It has open a window of business opportunity.

For the first time, it opened its doors to franchising in the second quarter of 1998

This is the opportunity to join the thriving food service industry in the Philippines. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS CARE
PROGRAM Casual Fine Dining Positive brand Image Quality Ambiance Man-power Price Waste
Disposal Awareness Preparation Time Adjustment
Period Franchise Expansion Healthy Life style Conventions GROWTH OF FAST FOOD CHAINS Taste Preference of
Condition Products Signature Dishes SWOT
ANALYSIS MCSTEEP Market 103,775,002 est. 2012 Competition KFC, McDonalds, Jolibee (fast-foods)
Savory, Aristocrat,Shakeys (fine dining) Socio -Cultural Health awareness Technology Induction Cooker
Economics Inflation Rate (5.3%) Environment Climate change
An average of 20 storms per year
Political - Legal Tariffs Quote: " If you want to succeed with what you are doing, you must listen up to your lowest rank employee." Lito Quinto
Max's Manager (Robinsons, Imus, Cavite) Planning Objective: To meet the sales target with zero complaint. Long range planning: Top management set objectives. Intermediate Planning: Before the manager formulate plans, he consults the opinions and suggestions of his subordinates and employees. Why plans sometimes fail? If the subordinates does not follow the implementation given Organizing Staffing The head office does the selection, recruitment and hiring of new employees before sending to different branches But when the new employees are not competent, the branch manager does the recruitment. 3 days orientation, 7 days seminar, 12 days observation Directing Leadership Style: Democratic Leader Motivating Employees: First, you should know the behavior of each employee. Second, conduct twice a month meeting to know the status of each employee. Third, implement the standard operating procedure or house rules. Controlling Importance of these factors to the
successful operation of Max's
Restaurant: Forecasting
Customer Satisfaction
Capacity Planning
Inventory Management
Layout of the Store Branch
Manager Branch Accounting Manager Cashier Dining Supervisor Kitchen Supervisor Banquet Sales Coordinator Waiter busboy cook fryer helper cook bar pantry customer sales banquet sales asistant assistant POSDICON to ensure conformity to plans, assessing the status of each employee are done through: twice a month general meeting.
once a week departmental meeting
"kamustahan" monitor and measure performance of employees.
take corrective actions. Abroad Allocation of
Income THANK YOU FOR LISTENING :") Breakfast Lunch Merienda Dinner Instant goods
Influences of other country
Holidays and Occasions Quotas Snapfinger Holidays
Occasions Influences of Foreign Countries
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