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UpToDate Project for Application of System Dynamic Class

Rafael Maranon

on 28 April 2012

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Transcript of UpToDate

Policy Structure Diagram # Adopters ↑ Data mining ↑ Search capabilities ↑ Search content relevance ↑ # Adopters ↑ …
# Adopters ↑ Feedback ↑ Content quality ↑ content relevance attractiveness ↑ # Adopters ↑ …
Causal Loop Diagram 2 Causal Loop Diagram 1 Policy Structure Diagram Complete Diagram (View1) Complete Diagram (View2) DEVELOPING A SELF-SUSTAINING MODEL FOR PROVIDING UPTODATE IN RESOURCE-LIMITED SETTINGS
UpToDate System Dynamics Project
Jeremy Lai
James Peruvankal
05/05/2010 The MIT team worked with UpToDate to develop a system dynamics model to explain the lack of adoption of UpToDate in Resource Limited Settings (RLS) and help UpToDate in its future attempts in entering RLS.

Initial focus: find factors that limited the diffusion and adoption (Bass diffusion model)

Start model: from scratch using background information in system dynamic adoption models.

This is a startup problem in terms of diffusion and adoption of an innovation.  

The dynamic complexity arises from the interactions of the agents over time (RLS, adopters, potential adopters, hospital adopters, content, awareness, attractiveness).
Initial State Next:
Keep working in search capability
Relevant content for RLS
Use feedback to focus in contents relevance
Limitations of the method applied:
Lack of additional data in institutions adoption
Background information and further market research about institution should be done
Next Steps / Limitations
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