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How and why my family use the internet!

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Su Howell

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of How and why my family use the internet!

Richey Cottrill-Howell
We use the internet for searching stuff we have never seen before. My sister uses it to do her homework. My mum uses it to talk to her friends. My dad uses it to buy engine parts for work. My other sister uses it to look at her university courses so she knows what her homework is.
What do we use the internet for?
We use the internet most after school before dinner. This is because we like to get our homework done the same day we get it and before dinner. We don't like to use the internet too often as it can be rude not to talk to each other. You cannot use the internet for bad games because that will make the device slow.
When do we most use the internet?
There are 3 laptops and 3 tablets in my house so everybody can use the internet on a separate electronic device. My sister has a bright pink notebook that she can take to college as it is small and gave me her big grey Acer laptop. My mum and dad have a purple HP laptop and my mum also has a tablet. Me and my sister have tablets to.
What devices do we have?
The internet is important in my family as we need it to get our work done and look up things we don't know or are confused about to help us learn. It also helps my mum keep in contact with family that don't live in Gosport like uncle Mark, in Chesterfield. Thank you very much!
The Internet
How and why my family use the internet!
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