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Info Tech project

kailey hodel

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Volleyball

By: Kailey Hodel History 1895~ Volleyball was invented by William Morgan
1964~ Volleyball was introduced to the Olympics in Tokyo for both men and women
1984~ USA won their first medal at the Olympics in LA. Women won silver and Men won Gold.
1988~ The US men's team won another gold in Korea.
1996~ Beach volleyball was first played at the Olympics in Atlantic Changes to the game since it was invented Net Changes~ When volleyball was first invented, the net was just a raised tennis net that was 6 ft off the ground. In the year 1916 the height of the net was set to 8 ft. Today the net is 7 ft 4-1/8 for the women's games and the men's net is set at 7 ft 11-5/8 inch. Changes to the game since it was invented
Part 2 The ball- The volleyball has changed very much since it was invented. The ball first started out as a Basketball. It was way to heavy and to hard so it was swapped out for a soccer ball. A company by the name of A.G Spalding and Bros created the first volleyball in 1896. The ball has not changed much since the 1900's until now, Now the ball will fly better, making it easier to return which makes the rallies last longer, making the sport more interesting. Changes to the game since it was invented
Part 3 The Players- Before the rules were made to how many people could play on a volleyball court, there could be as many players on the court as you could fit. In 1916, a rule was made that there could only be 6 players on the court. When beach volleyball started, there was a rule that 6 players could play on the court but that was soon changed to 2 players. Changes to the game since it was invented
Part 4 Scoring- When Volleyball was first invented, games were originally played to 15 points but today rally scoring is used. Rally scoring is a game that is played to 25 and if there is a tie you have to win by 2 points. In rally scoring, you can also earn a point when the serve isn't yours, but it used to have to be your serve in order to win the point. In 1992 it was necessary for a team to win by 2 points if tied at 14. Changes to the game since it was invented
Part 5 Fast facts-

~ The Libero can not be a captain anymore.
~There is unlimited substitutions/Libero (person with different colored shirt) can substitute more than 17 times.
~ subs must enter sequentially, not in parallel
~Since volleyball was originated, the rules have been altered many times. Most of the big changes in the rules were made in the year 1916. Famous Players Karch Kiraly~ Karch is the regarded as the best volleyball player of all time. He played Beach volleyball in the Olympics and was the only person to win 3 gold medals ( 1984,1988,1986). Karch Kiraly inspires all Beach Volleyball players. Misty May Treanor~ Misty is know for being the all time best skilled Beach Volleyball player. In the years, 2005, 2006, and 2007 she was voted most valuable player Logan Tom~ In the 2000 Olympics, she was the youngest person to play volleyball. In the volleyball world, she is known as an international superstar. She only plays indoor volleyball. Famous Players Paula Weishoff~ Paula is 1 out of 4 women US volleyball players to compete in 3 different olympics. She plays indoor volleyball. Why was Volleyball invented? Volleyball was invented because William was looking for a game that was less intense than basketball but also a good game for some of the older people to play. Top College Volleyball Teams From looking at different reviews, It is obvious that almost everyone agrees that Penn State is the top women's college volleyball team. Records and Accomplishments ~The most women titles were won by USSR in the years 1968, 1972. 1980 and 1988.
~ The record for the greatest number of medals won in the olympics for a volleyball player is four. They were won by Inna Valeryevna Ryska, who won silver 2 years, and gold in two of the other years.
~ The greatest number of medals won by a male in the olympics is three. They were won by Yuriy Mikhailovich Poyarkov who won two gold and 1 bronze. http://easybib.com/key/079dc1 Fact Bibliography Picture Bibliography https://docs.google.com/document/d/14F2Ac9WrIUeQCHNG--B3b-5I5v0eMMn_UpdEVr6LBtc/edit
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