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The Attack on the Ranch House

No description

Tyler Severino

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of The Attack on the Ranch House

The Attack on the Ranch House
COP Ranch House, located on high 7,000ft mountain side. Centered on large one story wooden building. Roof of building acted as LZ.

Task Force Rock, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airbourne Brigade, Afghan Security Guards, & Afghan Soldiers.

What Went Wrong:
COP Ranch House attacked at Post 5 by insurgents.
Mission Command
Build Cohesive Teams Through Mutual Trust
Create Shared Understanding
Clear responsibilities to reestablish perimeter to the South.

Maintaining contact with the commander.

Priorities of medical evacuation for wounded.

Provide a Clear Commander's Intent
" As such, the commander's intent was to ensure that the outpost could sustain and protect itself in order to conduct such tasks. The combat outpost needed to be adequately defended both to deter insurgent activities in the area and to instill confidence among the inhabitants to support the activities of the Coalition and the Afghan government."
The Good:
SSG Erich Phillips' reaction to the attack.
SPC Baldwin's attention to tasks.
The Bad:
ASG abandoning post.
Exercise Disciplined Initiative
SGT Carlos Gonzalez's instructions to SPC Deloria.

1LT Ferrara's movement from TOC to combat area to maintain radio contact.

SSG Phillips sending SPC Chavez to aid wounded Medic.

Soldiers continuation to fight while wounded.

Use Mission Orders
Suppress insurgent attack.

Maintain COP perimeter.

Evacuate wounded.
Accept Prudent Risk
SGT Gonzalez leaving SPC Deloria at Post 3.

1LT Ferrara leaving TOC.

Calling in air support.

Movement under fire.
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