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Outgoing NSE Information

No description

Margie Oldham

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of Outgoing NSE Information

Margie Oldham- NSE Director
Also Directs:
LAS Community Relations
SLICE Internship Center

Heidi Wardell- NSE Coordinator
Your 1st Stop for info on NSE
Course Pre-Approvals
All needed docum
ents and forms

National Student Exchange Office
1007 Columbine Hall

Placement- Host Campus Info
Welcome packet/
Host Coordinator
contact them for information about the host campus including housing, tuition and financial aid(Plan A), course registration, etc.
Pay attention to host campus dates and deadlines as they may be different than UCCS
Update contact information with both campuses as needed
Course Approval Process
Step 4
: AFTER NSE placement, but BEFORE you travel to your host campus
Complete Approval signatures
Dept. Academic Chair
Financial Aid Adivsor
Turn in form with ALL signatures to Heidi Wardell (COH 1007)
IMPORTANT: If you do not turn in your completed form, your exchange WILL BE CANCELED
Cancellation/Extension of Exchange
Notify our office and your host coordinator immediately -
Whether you cancel before you go or in the middle of your exchange
Can be done via telephone, email, or letter, but we must have written documentation of your cancellation
You may be billed a late drop fee or receive a "W" or on your transcript in some instances
You must notify our office AND your host coordinator if you wish to request an extension of your exchange
This request must be made in writing and a new Placement Acceptance Form must be filled out
Depending on the timeframe, you may be charged an additional placement fee
There is NO guarantee your request will be honored
Financial Aid Information
Scholarship Recipients
ALL scholarship recipients must get written approval from their scholarship entity to participate in the National Student Exchange program.
There is NO guarantee your scholarship entity will pay tuition at your host campus - CHECK WITH THEM FIRST
Health Insurance
Pre- exchange
Complete Course Pre-approval form
Enroll in UCCS course- placeholder
Make sure you have no holds on UCCS account
Register for other courses as a back up if need be

Post- exchange
Return an official transcript from your host campus
Register as you normally would through UCCS student portal
If you have any holds on your account, your registration will be delayed
Financial Aid Information
Jevita Rogers
- Executive Director, UCCS Financial Aid/Student Employment
email at jrogers3@uccs.edu
call at 719-255-3466
Plan A students
Apply to the host school for financial aid funding
Plan B students
Apply to UCCS for financial aid funding
NSE Orientation 2016-2017 Academic Year

Congratulations on your NSE Placement!!
Outgoing Student Information
Who to Contact
About What
Host NSE Coordinator
Questions about tuition and other fees for Plan A students, housing, registration at the host campus
Home NSE Coordinator

Questions about tuition and financial aid for Plan B students, OCS registration, etc
UCCS Student Advising Counselors
All academic questions including major/minor credit transfers, etc. for Plan A or Plan B students.
UCCS Course Pre-approval forms
Financial Aid Counselors
Plan B students: UCCS Financial Aid Office
Plan A students: Host Financial Aid Office
Course Approval Process
Step 1
: Degree Audit with an Academic Advising Counselor
Step 2
: Find courses to take on exchange by looking at the host campus' course catalog
Step 3
: Complete Course Pre-approval Form
Major/minor equivalencies - Dept. Academic Chair
Compass Curriculum requirements - Academic Advising Councelor
Transcript and Transfer Credits
Request and official transcript from host school
Send directly to UCCS Office of Admissions & Records
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Do NOT send your transcript to the NSE office
Courses and grades will be counted as transfer credits and will represent what is indicated on your course pre-approval form
Your exchange courses and grades will not appear on your UCCS transcript
Grades earned on exchange will not be calculated into your UCCS GPA
Grades DO MATTER for any major/minor requirement or pre-requisite
Maintaining Exchange Eligibility
Your NSE exchange may be terminated by either the UCCS or your host campus
Full-time student status
2.5 GPA (higher in some instances)
Other requirements determined by host campus (legal, social, etc.)
Failure to follow all registration and NSE procedures
You will be responsible for any fees and tuition associated with your exchange EVEN IF IT IS TERMINATED
Payment of Tuition and Fees

Power of Attorney
Update Contact Information
Keep in Touch
Safe Travels & Have Fun!
Plan A: "Away"
Pay the HOST campus their resident- rate tuition and fees
Make sure to check your host campus' equivalent of a student account
Still check your UCCS student account periodically

Plan B: "Home"
Pay the UCCS your normal rate tuition and fees
Pay your HOST campus any fees/charges associated with housing
Check your UCCS student account as you will pay you bill as you normally would if you were here
You may have certain fees and/or charges at your HOST campus as well
Maintain your current coverage
if you DO NOT verify your insurance you will be charged for insurance through the UCCS AND/OR your Host campus
Continue your coverage through the UCCS
contact Wellness Center to ask about any changes to your current plan while out of state 719-255-4444
You may purchase insurance through your host campus if it is available to NSE students
some NSE schools require that you purchase their insurance
**If you need special accommodations, contact your host coordinator immediately
Allows someone to act on your behalf while you are on exchange

Instances where Power of Attorney may be helpful
financial aid paperwork
financial aid deposits
processing bank transactions
process insurance transcations
sign housing contracts or leases
Contact your personal legal professional BEFORE you leave on exchange
Update contact info with NSE office
Make sure you are still checking your UCCS email account if you decide to use a host campus email server or a personal email address
UCCS email is still the official method of communication for all UCCS offices
Join our Facebook group: National Student Exchange- UCCS NSE
Join the UCCS Facebook group: UCCS Facebook
Send us postcards, campus information via mail or email
Heidi Wardell (hwardell@ucccs.edu) 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Send us photos
Fill out evaluations upon return
We LOVE hearing from you!
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