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Reaching All by Creating Tribes through Learning Communities

Using collaborative structures to promote enhanced learning

Sean Dickey

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of Reaching All by Creating Tribes through Learning Communities

Double click anywhere & add an idea Tribes: Building Connections Using collaborative, structured groups (a.k.a. Tribes) to promote enhanced learning. The Tribes Community Agreements
~Attentive Listening
~Appreciations/No PutDowns
~The Right to Pass--
The Right to Participate
~Mutual Respect Energizer #1 Paper Toss Activity
Outside Energizer #II Collaborative Writing
Write the statement:
Tribes Learning Community
Thank You!
Made Collaboratively
by Nickie, Sean,
Matt, and Amanda! Let's Break Into Tribes!
You Need an Index Card-
Your name in Middle
Must have Equal Boys
and girls (if possible)
At least one of your friends
(please star this person)
Don't Share Your Card
With Others!
Turn in to one of us! ~ Class Discussion
~ Questions?
~ Comments? Tribes History

Started as a way of motivating children, manage behavior and help retain good teachers that were leaving the teaching profession.Jeanne Gibbs observed that achievement and behavior were directly influenced by classroom environment. Some Schools That Use TLC
In Oregon:

Tribes Mission Statement

To assure the healthy development of every child so that each has the knowldege, skills, and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world

National Exposure of Tribes
used in the Beloit School
District in Beloit, WI

Thought Provoking Quotes

"Rather than 'fixing kids'
transform the environment"
- Jeanne Gibbs "The common langauge
used throughout the school
fosters a sense of community where all adults
feel responsible for all studnents"
- Jeanne Gibbs "Systems do not change
themselves, people change
- Michael Fullan Writing Activity Directions

Materials: disk, one marker, four pieces of string, and tape

Not allowed to touch marker, or disk while writing!!

All members must simaltaneously write together
"Tribes Learning Communtiy"

Must use all materials

In 1973 the Costa County Dept. of Education consulted Gibbs in trying to stem the substance abuse epidemic in the schools. Gibbs developed a plan to build a strong positive environment in the schools would not only help curb substance abuse but also lead to academic success for students. In 1974 funded by a grant teachers began to implement a program that Gibbs had been using to foster cooperative learning which later was renamed the Tribes Learning Communities project because educators repeatedly said “We feel like a family….we feel like a tribe.” The program expanded in the 1970’s and 80’s encompassing alcohol recovery centers, juvenile facilities, daycare centers, and recreational programs. Tribes group process through action research studies has shown decreased behavioral problems, increased self esteem, improved co-operation and achievement, and improved teacher moral and energy. Reflection and Thoughts Reflection and Thoughts
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