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Senior Project

No description

Karli Call

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project

Rylee Trent, Mariah Robertson,
and Karli Call Senior Project Cancer Research "Every year, the Relay For Life movement raises more than $400 million. The American Cancer Society puts these donations to work, investing in groundbreaking research in every type of cancer and providing free information and services to cancer patients and their caregivers."
Each team is composed of 8-15 people each. The teams each have to raise around 1,500 dollars I believe before they come to the race or at least that much by the end of the Relay for Life.
The "Survivors Lap". This is a tradition where survivors of cancer take a lap around the track and celebrate their win over cancer.
The "Caregiver Lap" gives recognition to those who have helped and aided those with cancer.
The "Opening Lap". This is the lap where the relay teams take to the track and do one lap.
The "Luminaria Ceremony". It holds a lot of significance to those who have died from cancer or are fighting cancer currently. Luminaria bags and candles are lit in honor of these individuals at this time.
The "Fight Back Ceremony". All the teams take a final lap around the track and take a pledge to help out in anyway they can towards cancer awareness and through volunteer work ("Learn About Relay for Life"). Our Inspiration Each one of us had our own inspiration for
why we wanted to do our senior project centered around cancer.... Our Senior Project, unique in every way! Our End Goal The Road to Completion Our Results Comments on Cancer Project Application of Classroom Concepts Dilemmas.... Oops! Knowledge for College! We Couldn't Have Done it Without... THANK YOU!!! We each wanted to contribute to our senior project in our each unique way. Our project started out simple but made its way into something bigger that we hadn't suspected would happen at first. Hospital? When first contacted, the hospital was sure that we could volunteer there for the kids. (this is where we believed we would spend most of our hours) Fun Run We were all excited to try doing a fun run for American Falls. It was going to be our own small sized "Relay For Life" Blankets! (: This part of our project took a lot longer than suspected and was very self fulfilling when done! Karli Call Mariah Robertson Rylee Trent What we really wanted from this project was to do a lot of service for those who sometimes can't do it themselves and try to make life just that much easier for them if we could. Melissa Krein
Dan Hammond
Melanie Call
Kelley Call
Tammy Trent
DeAnna Robertson Daniel Vega
Noah Lee
City Council
McKenzie Garner
Bridgette Crump
Bruce Sweat LeAnn Bolgen
Emilee Krein
Melissa Porath
Alyssa Kendall Relay For Life There were a lot of steps and a lot of bumps in the road but we finally made it to our end goal! Hospital When we first contacted the hospital the person we talked to made it seem like it was simple for us to volunteer at the hospital. Later when we went into the hospital we talked to a different lady and she said it was nearly impossible for us to volunteer with kids there. Blankets First Round! Blankets Round Two! Fun Run A lot of time went into cooking and planning and organizing this event. Cooking Cookies! Brownies! Rice Crispy Treats! Fun Run To the Bake Sale! On Our Way to Logan In our Fun Run we were able to raise $450. Our goal for the Relay for Life was to raise $100 we were able to raise $150 more than we had hoped. Relay For Life Memorial Till 4 in the morning.... ENGLISH
NUTRITION AND FOODS In order to go to Relay for Life we had to raise $100 each; but with our Fun Run we raised $435. We learned many things like cooking, sewing, communication with businesses and people, organization, about cancer, and how to deal with stress. P.E.
HEALTH Our first problem we ran into was with the hospital..... Another problem was with our Fun Run and when we were going to do it.... We also were very concerned with what the weather would look like for our fun run.... TIME!!! My cousin's twins were my inspiration for this project and the hardships that their family had to go through. 12 Blankets

100 laps or 25 miles (Relay for Life)

Around 500 people at Relay for Life

Around 15 people at Fun Run

$435 For the American Cancer Society

Around 20 people donated for the Fun Run

72.17 hours of labor Cancer What we really wanted, and tried to do, was to help cancer patients in any way we could.
-Community Awareness I'm also interested in going into the medical field so I thought that this project would give me experience. I wanted to help cancer patients with our senior project because when I was 7 we lost a very close friend of the family to cancer. My inspiration for this project were some of my family members who have had cancer.
Also, when my niece was born, she had to stay in the NICU so I've witnessed firsthand what families have to go through in those situations. MARIAH ROBERTSON KARLI CALL RYLEE TRENT I learned:
How to be patient with people
How to tie and sew blankets
Organization skills
How to plan and follow through with those plans
How to deal with stress
Service is important New skills
Organization, the importance of planning ahead, and scheduling
Teamwork, positive attitude
Being realistic
Sympathy for cancer patients and families
My impact cooking
group work
sewing Organizing Permission from American Falls City Council.
-School announcements
Posters, participant numbers
Supplies "It was fun and a good experience to run with members of our community; and knowing it was for a good cause." -Noah Daniel Lee Money Citations Lets Review..... Time Spent! Blue= Blankets Red= Fun Run Green= Relay for Life Purple= Preparation Immunology- the science and theory that our own immune system can be mobilized against cancer. It is easier to mobilize if the cancer is found in its earlier stages (Dzivenu).

“Think of it like altering the gene sequence of these T cells so that they become trained assassins working for an individual’s immune system, focused exclusively on finding and killing the cancer cells. This research has shown very promising results in other cancers we’ve applied it to, so we’re grateful to The Lustgarten Foundation and the Cancer Research Institute for their support, which will enable us to continue this important work for pancreatic cancer,” ("Cancer Research Institute").
-Dr. Carl June, professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Research As of January 1, 2009, the number of people with any form of cancer each year was approximately 12,549,000

Family and friends also affected by the disease.

Odds are that nearly every person in the United States will either have cancer themselves or have a friend or loved one who does ("American Cancer Society"). Cancer Research Hope Cancer Research Hope Scientists at the Washington University school of Medicine in St. Louis.

Their experiments, done on mice, have shown that they can possibly combine DNA sequencing data with a knowledge of triggers and targets which set off the immune system.

Develop more effective vaccines and immunotherapies for cancer.

"To our knowledge, this is one of the first studies to show that the faster methods provided by DNA sequencing can help. That opens up all kinds of exciting possibilities," (Purdy ).
-Robert Schreiber, Ph.D. Cancer Research Hope The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) and Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) partnering with The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR): SU2C-CRI Cancer Immunology Translational Research Dream Team
-Most influential cancer research programs
-Combine resources
-Greater impact
$6 million over three years to fund a cancer research project
-Prevention through immunology
-Within 2-3 years find a new diagnostic agent “Matched support from SU2C means CRI’s donors are getting more than twice the return on their charitable investment in our mission, and that’s extremely valuable at a time when funding for translational cancer immunology research is scarce.” The Dream Teams have already begun work in breast and other women’s cancers, pancreatic cancer, genetic studies, and diagnostics ("Cancer Research Institute").
-Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, Ph.D. Cancer Research Winston Churchill states, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” (Inspirational quotes). After all, “We cannot change the wind, we can only adjust our sails” (Inspirational quotes).

“When I first got cancer, after all the initial shock and the fear and paranoia and crying and all that goes with cancer – that word means to most people ultimate death – I decided to see what I could do to take that negative and use it in a positive way” (Herbie Mann, Inspirational quotes).

“If there is a purpose to the suffering that is cancer, I think it must be this: It’s meant to improve us” (Inspirational quotes). Relay For Life "Cancer Prevalence: How Many People Have Cancer?." American Cancer Society (2012): n. page. Web. 09 Dec 2012.

"Cancer Research Institute and Stand Up To Cancer." Cancer Research Institute (2012): n. page. Web. 09 Dec 2012.

Dzivenu, Oki K. Cancer and Immune System:The Vital Connection. Cancer Research Institute, n.d. Web. 4 Feb 2013.

"Inspirational Cancer Quotes." Daily Inspirational Quotes. Great-Inspirational-Quotes.net. Web. 11 Dec 2012..

"Learn About Relay For Life." Relay For Life. American Cancer Society, n.d. Web. 11 Dec 2012.

"New Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial Applies Revolutionary Immunotherapy Approach That Genetically Modifies T Cells." Cancer Research Institute (2012): n. page. Web. 9 Dec 2012. Purdy, Michael C.

Impact -$435 raised for The American Cancer Society
-Community Awareness
-12 Blankets
-100 laps or 25 miles (Relay for Life)
-Around 500 people at Relay for Life
-Around 15 people at Fun Run
-Around 20 people donated for the Fun Run
-72.17 hours of labor Goal
-Aid Cancer Research
-Help victims of cancer
Main aspects of project
-Fun Run
-Relay for Life Inspiration Effect "You guys put forth a lot of effort and planning and had great attitudes towards your 'participants' and had a fun route planned out. Every detail was thought of ahead of time."
-Melissa Krein "What you girls are doing is great. Definitely a project that went above and beyond to benefit others." -Daniel Vega "I appreciated how the girls really got involved in what they were doing, they had a lot of fun learning how to do the blankets."
-Melanie Call
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