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One Direction

No description

Victoria Reyes Perfecto

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of One Direction

The Members!
Up All Night
Was released in 2011
Their first single What Makes You Beautiful was included in this album
Debuted at number one
176,000 copies in its first week
made One Direction the first U.K. group to debut at number one with their first album.
Take Me Home/Midnight Memories
Both debuted at number one
Take Me Home continued the pop genre
While Midnight Memories is slightly edgier
Live While We're Young, Little Things and Kiss You were the singles off Take Me Home
While Midnight Memories, You and I, Story of My Life and Best Song Ever were the singles off Midnight Memories.
Midnight Memories was also the most sold out of all the albums
Is the most recent album
Once again debuted at number one
It is the last album with Zayn Malik in it
It has a very different tone from the last albums with a mixture of "genres" in it
They released one free song off the album which was Fireproof
The singles off this album are Night Changes and Steal My Girl.
It was the album that really showed their maturity and their own style since they wrote many of the songs on it (well Liam and Louis did)
Four (continued)
The Beginnings (Aka The X Factor Days)
Originally auditioned to be solo artists, but when they didn't make it as solo they were put together in a group
Made it to the finals where they placed third
They were later signed by Simon Cowell to his record label Syco Records
One Direction
Zayn that left the tour a few days prior to announcing his departure due to health reasons. Around the day that he was scheduled to return it was officially announced that he was leaving the band due to personal issues.
The other four will be continuing together to finish the tour (On The Road Again) and are scheduled to reason a new album this fall
5 Seconds of Summer
Formed in 2011
There are four members
They are from Australia
They started off as three member (Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford)
They added Ashton Irwin when they needed to a drummer
Luke was the first to post videos on YouTube then he started posting as a band
They were discovered by Louis Tomlinson from One Direction while on Youtube
After being signed to Capitol Records, they were brought on to open for One Direction for their Take Me Home Tour and continued into Where We Are Tour as well
5 Seconds
of Summer
Somewhere New EP
5 Seconds of Summer
Live SOS
Gotta be You was the first single that they released and it was the one that Louis tweeted about.
She Looks So Perfect was the first single off their first official album.
Hey or Hi Records
Louis Tomlinson
started his own record label that is an extension of Syco Records
Is having a drastic image change by being seen leaving different clubs almost every night and leaving with different groups of girls
Also seen using weed multiple times
Just like Louis Tomlinson the boys of 5SOS decided to enter the music industry by starting their own record label which was a part of Capitol Records.
On March 24th 2015 they signed their first artist called Hey Violet.
Musical Influences
5SOS they are a pop punk/pop rock band and they have many different influences:
All Time Low
Mayday Parade
Green Day
Boys Like Girls
They have been nominated for 304 awards and won 187
Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.
Drummer/Vocals:Ashton Irwin (20)
Bassist/Vocals: Calum Hood (19)
Guitarist/Vocals: Michael Clifford (19)
Guitarist/ Lead Vocals: Luke Hemmings (18)
Louis Tomlinson: Robbie Williams because of his charisma and stage presence.
Zayn Malik: was greatly influenced by R&B music along with people like Bruno Mars, Bob Marley, and Usher.
Liam Payne: Justin Timberlake and he has said that he loves Jay Z's stage presence
Niall Horan: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Bublé, The Eagles, Bon Jovi and The Script
Harry Styles: Elvis Presley and The Beatles since he listened to him as a child. He has also stated that Chris Martin is where he gets his confidence to perform.
Louis Tomlinson (23)
Harry Styles (21)
Niall Horan (21)
Liam Payne (21)
Zayn Malik (22) (Past Member cause he decided to leave the band to be a "normal 22 year old" but is rumored to be going solo)
Nominated for over 100 awards.
Won 35 awards including:
MTV Awards Buzzworthy's Favorite Breakthrough Band
American Music Awards New Artist of the Year
iHeartRadio Music Awards Best Fan Army
ARIA Music Awards Song of the Year - "She Looks So Perfect"
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