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what system does the heart belong to?

No description

Mrs. Pogor's Class Class

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of what system does the heart belong to?

What can we do to keep the heart healthy?
To keep your heart healthy don't smoke , exercise because carrying to much weight can be bad for your heart.Also you can eat more healthy and do yoga wich releases stress.
What kind of technology can aid the heart in early detection of health issues OR help the body function?
NASA technology helps detect and treat heart diseases
What is the hearts function?
The role of the heart is to pump oxygen-rich blood to every living cell in the body
What kind of disease can affect the heart?
some heart diseases are Rheumatic heart disease, Hypertensive heart disease, Ischemic heart disease, Cerebrovascular disease and Inflammatory heart disease.
Can we live without the heart?
A person can not live without a heart.Your heart is what helps to keep you alive and without your heart the body would not be getting the blood and oxygen it needs.
What does the heart look like?
The heart looks like an up-sidedown pear
What system does the heart belong to?
The heart belongs to the circulatory system. This system transports blood within the body.
where is the heart located?
The heart is located under the rid cage, to the left of the breastbone ( sternum ) and between your lungs
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