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Syntax, Fragments, Run ons

Period 6

Alissa So

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Syntax, Fragments, Run ons

Syntax, Fragments, Run ons
Run on sentences
Sentence Fragments
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By Roland Fang, Alissa So, & Barry Young
What is a run on sentence?
Which one of the following is NOT a run on sentence?
Period 6
Run on sentences are not just extremely long sentences:

they are sentences without internal punctuation
aka a "fused sentence"
How to fix run on sentences:
1. Use a period.
Insert a period to divide the sentence properly.
Ex: I love to ride my bike. I would ride it every day if someone had not stolen it.
2. Use a semicolon.

Insert a semicolon in between independent clauses.
Ex: I love to ride my bike; I would ride it every day if someone had not stolen it.
3. Use a comma and a coordinating conjunction.
Insert a comma followed by a coordinating conjunction.
Ex: I love to ride my bike, and I would ride it every day if someone had not stolen it.
4. Use a subordinating conjunction.
Insert a subordinating conjunction to connect sentences.
Ex: Because I love to ride my bike, I would ride it every day if someone had not stolen it.
Elvis love to rides his bike he is really fast
Frank likes Carolina he likes her a lot he even bought her tickets to the Clippers game.
Jazzmin yelled at Noah because he did not get his captions done.
Boris farted in class his fart smelled so bad.
Kenneth wanted a job no one good was hiring so he went to Mcdonald's.
What are sentence Fragments?
Sentence Fragments are literally fragments of a sentence.
What makes a Sentence Fragment?
A sentence must have at the very least one subject and verb. A sentence fragment lacks one or the other
Example of Sentence Fragments
- Goes to school.
- Nine runners on the track field.
- Starts at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow.
How to fix Sentence Fragments
In order to fix a sentence fragment you just simply add a subject or verb to the fragment.
Sentence Fragments

Nine runners on the track field.
-What are the nine runners doing?
Starts at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow.
-What starts at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow?

Complete Sentences

Nine runners
are racing
on the track field.

starts at 8:00 A.M tomorrow.
Explain why this is NOT a complete Sentence.
Across the waterfall.
Is doing homework.
What would you do to make this a complete sentence?
Different Types of Fragments
What is syntax?
Syntax is the study of rules in which words combine to form proper phrases, clauses, and sentences.

Basically, it is the arrangement of words in a sentence.
Proper syntax provides sentence clarity and understanding.
Syntax is one of the major components in grammar
Syntax is NOT diction. They are closely related, but different.
Participle Phrase
Fragment: Wearing his contacts.
Sentence: Barry is
wearing his contacts
Diction refers to a person's particular choice of words in a sentence while syntax determines how the chosen words are used to form a sentence.
Gerund Phrase
Fragment: Painting the fence.
Sentence: I saw Tommy
painting the fence.
Infinitive Phrase
Fragment: To play League.
Sentence: Tony went
to play League
Prepositional Phrase
Fragment: From the race.
Sentence: Everybody is tired

from the race.
Syntax vs. Diction
Appositive Phrase
Fragment: My dog, Skippy.
Sentence: Don't leave your jacket there, or
my dog, Skippy
, will destroy it.
Despite its purpose, the "actual" rules that govern syntax only make sure that sentences are grammatically correct.
Therefore, the rules of syntax do not cover the meaning
that the words are meant to convey.
Ex. "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."
-Noam Chomsky, Linguist
In this sentence, the words used form a proper sentence, but do not form a proper meaning when put together. However, it is still grammatically correct.
Function of Syntax
The main function of syntax is to help words convey a
meaning as clear as possible. With this, writers/speakers are able to achieve certain effects like mood and tone. It works to express the writer/speaker's attitude.

Structure of words in common Simple Sentences:






Different types of sentences have different syntax
Sentences with varying syntax from each other:

Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex

The 4 types of sentences (proper syntax provides clarity):

Declarative Imperative

Ex. My watch is broken. Ex. Watch where you're going.
Interrogative Exclamatory

Ex. Will you watch the show? Ex. Watch out!
In this example, the man on the left makes a proper sentence with his arrangement of words, but it does not convey the meaning he wants.
While volunteering at a hospital, you are asked to write a warning sign for equipment that gets very hot when it is running to let people know that it should NOT be touched. Which of the following would be MOST likely to inform as quickly and straightforwardly as possible about the danger?

A. Danger: This equipment can get hot when running. Only
touch with permission.
B. CAUTION! Due to large amounts of heat that can be
emitted from this machine, no attempt to make bodily
contact is encouraged unless the proper precaution
is taken. Be careful if touching.
D. This machine hurts so please don't touch!
The following question is based on the following short sentences:

Steve walked upstairs.
The stairs were wooden.
The stairs led to his bedroom.
He went into the bathroom in his bedroom.

Which of the following includes all the information combined into a SINGLE clear and complete sentence in standard English?

A. Steve walked upstairs. To his bedroom upstairs with the bathroom.
B. The bedroom was led by the wooden stairs where Steve walked up.
C. Steve walked up stairs to his bedroom.
D. The wooden stairs led Steve to his bedroom, where he went into the
E. Steve walked upstairs and into the bathroom in his bedroom since
the stairs led to it.

Determine if the group of words is a sentence or a fragment
I am very tired, but i cannot sleep.
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