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Gordon the Skilled

No description

Alyssa Kronisch

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of Gordon the Skilled

Control of Pride (cont.)
"He is from a rather middle-class background and considers that he was priveleged, which makes his present condition especially painful for he believes that he is entirely to blame for is misfortunes." (143)
"I never go home till I'm feeling really good and I've got my wardrobe together and my appearance together and myself together." (154)
The effects of pride on Gordon
How do you think that pride affects the outcome of Gordon's life?
Pride won't cause you to lose everything
Don't take what
you have for granted.
Gordon and his pride
Your life
How do you think
that pride affects the
outcome of your life?
Gordon lived in a middle class family and was privileged. He was able to attend NYU, but dropped out to follow his friend into the service. He could've had a higher rank, but he didn't want to desert his friend. He received a nice discharge from the service and shortly after, his father got him a good job in the fur trade business. He had the best record and worked there for over 2 years, until he got an attitude and got bored with the work. After he quit the job, his dad turned against him and he didn't know where to turn. He worked at several other places, only for short periods of time, and eventually lost his apartment. He began using drugs and had nowhere to live.
The control of pride
Pride takes control of you to the point where you lose everything and you blame yourself.
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