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CIMUN Budget

No description

Juan Carlos Velazquez de Leon

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of CIMUN Budget

Overview of the Challenge
Well, our challenge in this project is to create as a team the CIMUN budget, for this challenge to be accomplish me need to work and check all the prices of each thing we will need on these amazing event, you may think that it is a easy job, but really it is not, it is not that easy to make a budget and plan a event that will have a lot of people, we need to consider the materials, the sponsors, the food, the places of the delegates party, and all these things cost, so that's why we are planning this CIMUN XVI budget, so we can have the best event on school.
Major Ideas to solve the Challenge
To solve our challenge we had to think about :
-Prices of stuff we need (expenses)
Final Product
Our final product is an excel workbook showing our budget for CIMUN and in what we are spending the money. So the organizers know where the money is used.
Budget Planning

We knew how to use excel
We had most of the prices
We work well together
Well, basically we are a team that will make the CIMUN event budget, we will present all the income, the budget and all the prices about this event, we will show all the things we need to make these event complete, for example, food, venue room, materials and all the things we need.
CIMUN budget
General Description
Chapter 1 through Chapter 4
Throughout the course of Chapter 1 through 4 we learned Excel since the basic things. We learned how to open, save, sort & filter a table, the uses of formulas and functions. We learned how to use different versions of excel, set properties, how we control the worksheets and workbooks.

Welcome to our Prezi CIMUN XVI BUDGET PLAN
We are a group of students of Colegio Ingles
that will create a budget plan, for one of the most
important events on school, yes, CIMUN.
Some people were missing
Lost laptop
We couldn't edit the prezi
Significant Successes and Failures
Organizing an event is a very hard task, but with the help of technology you can save time and efforts in how you save your data.
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