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Thesis Presentation

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Kevin Martinez

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Thesis Presentation

ADMINISTRATOR CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Introduction In the twenty-first century, technology has impacted the world and has become a major need in our society.

Additekh Gizmos and Accessories aims to reach out to people and expand business opportunities. PURPOSE AND DESCRIPTION Additekh Gizmos and Accessories began as an online store through facebook PROJECT CONTEXT GENERAL OBJECTIVES The general objective of this study is to develop and implement an interactive website with web trailer that aims to promote and sell products and accessories for the company Additekh Gizmos and Accessories Enterprise SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES to develop a web trailer using CSS3 animations

to design an interface for the end-user using CSS, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver

to design and create a database for storing and displaying information

to develop a CMS for the administrator - to implement modules for the Guests, Members, Administrator, and Staff

to implement the system as an Internet-enabled system CHAPTER 2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM How can interactive website help the company to effectively promote their products to the consumers?

Will the interactive website be an effective tool for market expansion?

How effective is the interactive website in dealing with the clients in terms of accessibility and convenience. FOREIGN LITERATURE SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS This study will focus on the developing of an interactive design online store that promotes company’s products and provides convenience and accessibility to the consumers in buying the products. The user interface will be considered as the appearance of the system that will interact with the users. Included in the interface are the basic website pages that can be accessed by a type of user in the system. web trailer The pages will consist of the following:
home page
about page
product page
news page
order page
contact page
log in page
registration page The Advantages and Disadvantages of Adding Music and Video Content to your Website Limitations:
online store for the company
web trailer incorporated with CSS3 animations
product page with category and search fields
product availability
payment mode Website designers have used various strategies to add color and attractiveness to ensure that a website attracts more visitors, like adding music and videos to the website.

Having videos can create "an instantaneous connection between the visitor and yourself." It is one simple way to make the website attractive to visitors and creating an attractive web page, which is both entertaining as well as informative. FOREIGN LITERATURE How a Website Can Help You Reach a Larger Audience Their favorite thing about having a website is the fact that the customers can literally view things such as a list of the items they sell or services they offer.

The fact that your products and services are more readily available than ever before. Someone can go to the site and randomly decide to purchase CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGY It discusses the type of research used in order to complete the study.

Guide in developing the proposed subject
Conceptual framework as guide

internet references
past studies TYPES OF RESEARCH Applied Research is used in this study. Applied Research is used to solve practical problem. Applied research is will be used because it is designed to solve practical problems of the modern world. The goal of the study is to solve the problem and improve the current condition. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Figure 1.0 Conceptual Framework of Additekh Interactive Website REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION Hardware and software requirements are needed in order to implement and use the system efficiently. The developers and end-users of the system must have the following hardware and software requirements: KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS The required knowledge that the proponents should know as developing the proposed system are:
web programming
image editing applications
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator FEASIBILITY The technical aspects needed in this study are the software and hardware requirements stated in Table 1.0 and Table 2.0. In order to deploy the website, a complete set of functioning computer, internet connection, and the database are needed. Domain name and web hosting will also be needed in order to make the website available in the internet. Once these requirements are realized, an interactive website for Additekh's company will be available in the internet. The projected system is operationally feasible because a constituent or a member will be provided by a step-by-step procedure in terms of a text included on the purchase menu on how to purchase within the system provided by the company. It will be a big convenience because it will lessen the effort needed to transact with the customer because they can have all the time they want in deciding the product they want before they purchase. They just have to follow the instructions provided to purchase products. The system can be managed through the Content Management System (CMS) by the administrator without having a specific set of skills for managing the website because the CMS will guide the administrator on editing and managing the content of the proposed project TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY The system is economically feasible as the only cost involved are domain name fee, web hosting fee, and computer and software mentioned in the requirement specification. ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY OPERATIONAL FEASIBILITY The developers estimated about 3 months to finish the proposed website for the company since the client did not set a deadline or a fixed time table for the project. They let the proponents decide the schedule to develop the system. The estimated schedule including the testing and implementation of the system will be more or less 6 months. SCHEDULE FEASIBILITY Offers a variety of gadgets and different brands of accessories, speakers, headphones, earphones Operates through social networking sites like facebook and twitter make purchasing process more efficient lessen the manual process increase the appeal factor of the website attract people to stay for a longer period of time compared to normal websites Additekh Interactive Website Web Trailer with CSS3 Animations Member profile Administrator Users FOREIGN LITERATURE How Interactive Additions to HP.com Increased Sales, Reduced Exit Rates Sales is the number one priority for the website and this can be achieved through the second priority which is interactivity.

The more the customers used the website for pleasure, the more they'd eventually buy. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM The designs of the project consist of a context diagram, data flow diagrams and system flowcharts. Figure 2.0 Context Diagram of Additekh Interactive Website CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM ADMINISTRATOR Figure 6.0 Data Flow Diagram for the Administrator Figure 6.2 Level 2 Data Flow Diagram for the Administrator (Order) GUEST STAFF MEMBER Figure 7.0 Main Flowchart Figure 8.0 Register Flowchart Figure 9.0 Login Flowchart Figure 10.0 Admin Flowchart Figure 11.0 Member Flowchart Figure 12.0 Member Payment Flowchart FOREIGN LITERATURE How to Increase Visitors with Interactive Websites Interaction is the key to this problem. It's all about increasing the level at which your visitors engage with your site and make it a place they want to hang out.

According to the article, "Research studies in offline retail situations have shown that the longer you can get someone to stay in a shop, the more likely they are to buy. FOREIGN LITERATURE Benefits of Having an Interactive Web Design
for your Online Business In an online article “Benefits of Having an Interactive Web Design for Your Online Business”, the writer listed a reasons why to consider an interactive design. She said, “For your business to run effectively online, you need a website design that will create an impact to your customers. This is why most businesses use interactive web design to have a working and an eye catching website. This has indeed made a huge difference and brought success to many online ventures.” LOCAL LITERATURE Technoholics Gadgets and Solutions In the store page, there are various categories of the products offered. Each category is further divided into subcategories. In addition, users can search for product they are looking for by inputting keywords. The site also includes a promos page which shows promotions about products or services. FLOWCHART DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING Using Scrum methodology, it aided the proponents on the dissemination of the task and assignments and track the development’s concept and outcome. PRODUCT BACKLOG
Product Owner – The Product Owner of the Additekh Gizmos and Gadgets is Ms. Mary Hope Mallari. In the Product Backlog table, the products section covers the users of the system while the Sprint Backlog section includes the items or the modules covered by every product or user.

Scrum Master – The project development is also determined by the Scrum Master. A Scrum
Master is the one who ensures that the Scrum Team stick to its assigned process and guides them to fulfill all the requirements in the production of the project. The Scrum Master for the project in Development is Mr Roman de Angel.

Scrum Team – The developers are the ones in control and responsible for finishing the tasks and also the ones who do the analysing, designing, implementing, and testing of the system. The team is led by Mallari, Maria Airra M., and the team members are Martinez, Kevin Andrew A., Himor, April Grace M., and Basas, Robinson M.
Alpha Testing
The developers used Alpha Testing for the development of the project. This testing was used to guarantee that the Additekh Gizmos and Gadgets’ requirements were properly met by the developers. Alpha Testing will be performed by Ms Mary Hope Mallari, the proprietor of the Additekh Gizmos and Gadgets, with the presence of the developers to detect bugs before releasing unrestricted and online.

Black Box Testing
The developers used Black Box Testing under Alpha Testing for the system. The tester for the Black Box Testing is not necessary required to have any further knowledge about internal structures for the coding of the project. Tests are done from a user’s point of view. Using Black Box Testing, it tries to find errors on the following categories: incorrect or missing functionality, interface errors, errors in data structures used by interfaces, behaviour or performance errors, initiation, and termination errors.
DESCRIPTION PROTOTYPE The prototype of the project is shown in this section. The home page will contain parallax images and image sliders of the products being sold (Figure 16.0), about page where the description about the company is included. The products page lets the users view different products and search for a certain product by selecting categories or through the search field (Figure 20.0) The contacts page will contain contact information of the company.
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