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History of Diné College

No description

Davina Morris

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of History of Diné College

From Many Farms to Tsaile
American Indian - Brief Timeline Overview
History of DC
Diné College, Est. 1968
The purpose of Diné College
NHC - Ned Hatahli Center
Campus Tour
Board of Regents Meeting 1971-1972
"The Navajo Community College is fundamentally Indian. Its view of education is derived from the realities of the Indian life. Its courses of instruction open the world of ideas to Indians. Most important, the policy direction and guidance for the College is Navajo Indian because the members of the Board of Regents are selected by the Navajo Tribal Government and people. It is in their behalf that I bring you the hopes of our College's faculty , staff, and students that we can join forces for economic and social betterment of all Indian people though education of our own choosing."
Ned Hatahli
Navajo Community College
Board of Regents Meeting, Tsaile-Wheatfields Chapter House, November 1968
"We are all very proud about the College. Our plans are big...in the past many Navajo parents sent their children to college away from the reservation; often they failed and came home. Now we have a college on the reservation so our students can go to college here at home. We have our own language and culture in the curriculum... We will be able to provide a first change for the many that never had a chance before.
Howard Gorman
Board of Regents Member
Tribal Colleges & Universities - TCU's
Foundation of Navajo Culture, 2012
Foundation of Navajo Culture, 1991
Dr. Wilson Aronilth, Jr.
The Early Years of Diné College
Journal of American Indian Education Vol. 28 Num. 3, Spring 1999, Issue
Peter Iverson
A Brief History of the American Indian Movement
L. Waterman Wittstock and E. J. Salinas
The Urban Relocation Program
Indian Country Diaries
History of American Indian Higher Education
AIHEC website
International Civil Rights Center & Museum
The History Place
The May 4 Shootings at Kent State University: The search for Historical Accuracy
J. M. Lewis
T.R. Hensley
Overview of Federal Indian Policy, "They're Still Here!"
K. Jarrat-Snider, Ph.D
introduction to DC
brief history
campus tour
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