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ARO corporation prezi

Marshfield middle school

Caleb Houk

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of ARO corporation prezi

Comapany Info
History Of ARO
Was founded by Kara Postale and Sara Postale
Started in 1987
Went public in 2002

ARO corporation prezi
New York City, New York, 10120
112 West 34th street
Aeropostale prices
Caleb Houk
1st hour career quest
business careers
Marshfield Middle school

Total revenues for ARO
2 Billion in 2013
2.5 billion in 2012
2.8 billion in 2011
Net Income for ARO
34 million in 2013
69 million in 2012
231 million in 2011
last year, the price was $13.50
yesterday, my price was $7.23
three weeks ago, the price of my company was $8.43
Anaylst Opinion Jan.
0 analysts Say it's a strong buy
3 analysts say buy
22 say hold
3 say uderperform
0 say sell
Foreign companies
There are Aeropostales located in 100 different countries
They also allow Aeropostale to be orderd in 40 different currencies and are working on more
Thanks for Watching
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