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The Exemplification Essay

No description

Marisol Santiago

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Exemplification Essay

* Provide example about something.
* A type of argumentative essay.
* The writer goes from a general topic
to specific examples.
* Prove a point through examples.
* Anecdotes, real examples from news,
and or real life can also be included.
Compose a Topic Sentence
You limit your topic to a set of specific examples, instances, or cases.
Body art (topic)
such as tattooing and piercing, exemplifies (pattern of organization)

self-expression (writer's opinion)
Use Logical Order
To signal the movement between these levels of ideas, a writer uses transitions to signal or list examples.
Transitions Used to Signal Examples:
* an illustration
* an example
* for example
Transitions Used to List Examples:
* also
* and
* finally
Develop Relevant Details
Details that answer the questions
who, what, when, where, why
, and
. Also a list can help a writer organize ideas as they are generated.

Use Effective Expression: Parallel Language
The use of similar and balanced expressions in a pair or series of words, phrases, or clauses. (p.124)
Non-Parallel Words
Revised Words for Parallelism
Non-Parallel Phrases
(from the fire of summer)
Non-Parallel Clauses
(because the leaves turn colors)
Revised Clauses for Parallelism

The Exemplification Essay
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