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Stand By Me

A Stand By Me Group Essay on Family Conflict

Alexandra Chanel

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Stand By Me

Facing Death
Family Conflict
Stand By Me
Fantasy Family
As Gordie sets out to find the body of Ray Brower, his obsession grows
Emotion & Perception
For any family, facing death is challenging
Since the death of his brother, Gordie developed a very low self-esteem
He feels unmotivated to go to college and pursue a career in writing - his talent
Gordie is very sensitive, thus greatly affected by his father's lack of attention
The support Gordie does not get from his parents he receives from his friends
Eminently, their father favors Denny and wishes that Gordie would follow in his brother's footsteps
He does not realize why his need to see the body is so great
Chris (right) and Gordie (left) when Gordie breaks down after being witness to discovering the body of Ray Brower
Gordie Lachance
He associated the missing body with the sudden death of his brother
In conclusion, he was able to accept the situation and come to terms with his feelings
4 months after Denny's death and his parents still haven't been able to put the pieces back together
What is a dysfunctional family ?
For all four young men,the lack of family support leads them to have a poor impression about their own abilities and face stereotypical judgement by their family's and society's view of them.
Gordie is treated as the "invisible boy" of the household.

Chris is a bad influence to the society because of his family's reputation.

Teddy is in denial to accept his father's condition.
Family Conflicts & Stereotypes
Family Conflict
By: Kashish

Facing Death
By: Ana Maria

Family Influence
By: Hannah

By: Eteri

Fantasy Family
By: Sarah
A family's journey is not always happy as they have to face hardships eventually.

The film
Stand by Me
explains the idea of family conflict thoroughly as the story surrounds the lives of four pre- teen boys who face obstacles in their lives regarding their famlies.
From what was stated, it is obvious that all four boys suffered from lack of affection and support from their families in their own way.
Family Influence
Gordie was ignored by his parents after his brother's death because them and others believed that his brother was perfect and Gordie should follow his foot steps, even if he had dreams of his own.
But Gordie still thought about a career in the future, unlike Chris. who didn't even want to think about his future due to constant judgment by society since he was portrayed as a thief and a bad influence because of the family he came from.
As seen in the film, stereotypes do not always apply.
Chris was considered to be a bad boy because he came from a bad family.
He saves Teddy from trying to jump the train, and helps Gordie get over the loss of his brother.
He is expected to go nowhere in life, like his brother, Eyeball, who is close friends with the town bully.
Once, he stole milk money from school, but felt bad and gave it back. The next morning the money was gone from where he left it, and nobody believed that he had actually given it back.
Chris is the group leader, and despite what people think, a kind and caring person. We see many examples of that during the film.
Teddy too came from a bad family where he was abused all his life, and so he lived in his own fantasy world where he pretended his father was a hero.
And Vern, who didn’t really fit into the circle because of his child like personality.
In the film, Chris told Gordy, "I wish I could go somewhere that nobody knows me".
The actions of Chris's father and brother were deciding his future. It also caused people to judge him based on his family, not him himself.
The ending of the movie
really showed how much
the boys were affected by
their family since Gordie
and Chris were the only
ones who ended up
being successful at
their careers.

All four young men didn't believe in themselves due to rejection from their own families that lowered their self esteem but it didn’t stop them from becoming who they wanted to be.
Nevertheless, he doesn't let what people think of him decide his future. He ends up graduating college as a lawyer.
In conclusion...
Teddy acts brave because his dad was a soldier.
Teddy and his dad are considered to be loonies.
Cannot admit to himself that his dad lives in a mental hospital and so makes up a fantasy that he is a war hero.
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