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Maths IA (Students)

No description

Adrian Sparrow

on 29 August 2015

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Transcript of Maths IA (Students)

Internal Assessment (IA) for Mathematics
The Mathematical Exploration (SL/HL)
Key Points:
10 hours in class
10 hours of independent study
Communication by mathematical diagrams, tables, graphs with a commentary.
It should be accessible by the students' peers.

A: Communication [4 marks]
B: Mathematical Presentation [3 marks]
C: Personal Engagement [4 marks]
D: Reflection [3 marks]
E: Use of Mathematics* [6 marks]

Total=20 marks
20% of the total course mark

*E has different criteria for SL/HL
Starting Points
Mind Map your topic
How to Install Autograph
Go to the Intranet and click Computers
Select Software
Activate the software after installation:
Select Activate for Institution
If you are teacher or students choose
Student computer at home
Name : Your Name
Institution: Aiglon College SA
ID: 1738-d73d-dab7-4edc-a953-a4a2-8985-6c38
Email: ………@aiglon.ch
Click Activate via Web à Activate now
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