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No description

Giacomo Boldrini

on 14 September 2016

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Do you dare?
Create your own fairy tale!

The bottle is decorated as one of four topics:

Red Riding Hood (Yellow Cape)
Cinderella (Shoe Glass)
Rapunzel (Braided Hair)
Little Mermaid (Fish Tale and Anchor)

Each fairy tale represents the story of a woman who dared to change her life...

..and so did Mme Clicquot when she dared to revolutionize the business of her husband
Launch Event
Party topics according to Fairytale:

Cinderella in a Manor
Red Riding Hood in a Forest
Rapunzel in a Tower of a Castle
Little Mermaid close to the Sea

Once upon a time....
A woman dared to face the conventions of the society. Namely, Veuve Clicquot created her own fairy tale by reinventing the company of her husband.
Your fairy tale already starts with the purchase ...

Champagne package designed as a book of fairy tales
It creates excitement, surprise and entertainment
Reinvention of classic fairy tales, known all over the world
One of four famous fairy tales in each package
Easy to store and to display in shops
Customer entertainment through:

Jugs as Glasses
Table Fireworks
Ice Buckets like Books
Golden Tiaras / Crowns

Create your own magic moment and share it with friends and family!
"What is your own fairy tale?"
We will fund the three best ones to make your dreams come true!
Heavy presence on all the other social networks to share pictures and videos from the events and other moments representing the company's image.
Possibility to "share your bottle" via bar code.

Introduction of the new campaign through:

Secret fairy tale ball in the "Hôtel du Marc"
Mysterious and magic atmosphere
Limited charity edition: 10% reduction price equivalent will go to the organization "Women venture" Veuve Clicquot will provide the same amount, supporting female entrepreneurs in order to realize their fairy tale
Poster hanging all over the city and creating curiosity
The fairy tales

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