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Schizophrenia and the Tony LaMadrid Case

No description

Lindsay Evans

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Schizophrenia and the Tony LaMadrid Case

Schizophrenia and
the Tony LaMadrid

By Lindsay Evans and Rosie Garvey
“Development Process in
Schizophrenic Disorders”
Conducted by Keith Nuechterlein and other psychologists at UCLA
The experiment was to take schizophrenic patients off their medications to see how they react and see what behaviors warn of a breakdown
Two parts: Prolixin injection and placebo:
Every two weeks, patients were given a dose of Prolixin (anti-psychotic drug)
They were exposed to different factors
Started with Prolixin shots, then shifted to two groups
Those who remained “relatively stable” were taken off all medication for up to 18 months

Resulting Factors
This experiment led to Tony LaMadrid committing suicide and 23 out of the 50 patients suffering severe relapses.
What Made This Experiment Unethical?
Protection From Harm
Informed Consent
What would have been a better way to have attained psychological knowledge in conjecture with this work?
Works Cited

They could have informed anyone participating and their families about the serious risks of the experiment
They could have performed it in a controlled environment



The scientists conducting the experiment definitely gave misleading information to the participants about how they would be affected.

The participants experienced both mental and physical harm through the relapses this experiment caused
The experimenters didn’t adequately inform the patients of the possible risks (like becoming suicidal)
{excerpt from contract signed by participants}

"If I do show
a significant return of symptoms
, I

understand that the clinic staff will use active

medication again to improve my condition"
however, what they never specified
what "
a significant return of symptoms
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