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No description

Sonia Sanchez

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of COLDPLAY

Music Background
Fun Facts
Influences/ Inspiration
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Coldplay was influenced by not people, but bands. The bands that influenced Coldplay's music was A-ha, Radiohead, The Smiths, Catherine Wheel, The Chameleons UK, The House of Love, U2, Blur, Echo & the Bunnymen, James, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Oasis, R.E.M, Ride, The Beatles, The Stone Roses, and The Verve.

First album they made was Safety (EP) made in 1998, but was given to record companies then to families and friends, only 500 copies were made, and each one was given away
Second album was Brothers & Sisters (EP), signed with record label Fierce Panda
Third album was The Blue Room (EP), signed with UK label Parlophone
There first 3 albums had no hits, but made Coldplay go in the right direction.
They had their 1st tour ,The Carling Tour, sponsored by UK music magazine NME. (ending of 1999)
This tour started making Coldplay a bit famous
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Coldplay's original name was actually "Starfish"
Coldplay borrowed the name "Coldplay", from another band that thought that name was to depressing
Chris had to learn "The Scientist" backwards because he wanted the video to be Good.
Coldplay band members have an agreement that if anyone of them is caught/using hard drugs, they will kicked out of the band
The song "Yellow" was inspired by the yellow pages
Chris & Jonny appeared in "Shaun of the Dead"
The band is a democracy... Everyone gets equal same of the earning.
Coldplay have won a total of eight Brit Awards, seven Grammy awards and five NME awards.
Joe Satriani filed a plagiarism lawsuit against Coldplay claiming that their hit 'Viva La Vida' stole segments of his song 'If I Could Fly'.
In 2003, Chris Martin got arrested in Australia, from destroying a paparazzi's car... In 2008, he also pushed a paparazzi, saying "Get the f**k out of the way- have some respect".
University Majors
The members in Coldplay didn't always think in being, in a band they were in college to be someone else:
Chris was obtaining a degree in Ancient World Studies
Guy was studying to be an Engineer
Jonny was studying Astronomy and Mathematics
Will studied Anthropology
Where are they from?
Chris Martin, (Piano/Singer), is from Exeter, Devon, England (March 2, 1977)
Guy Berryman, (Acoustic guitar/Bass), is from Kirkcaldy, Scotland (April 12, 1978)
Jonny Buckland, (Percussion), is from Islington, London, England (Sept. 11, 1977)
Will Champion, (Piano/Drummer), Southampton, England (July 31, 1978)
They all met in the University College London
They lived in the same hall during college
"History of Coldplay"
More Background.....
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Basic background of Coldplay, basically this presentation in 3:00
Chris Martin is married Gwyneth Paltrow, on December 5, 2003.
They 2 kids, Apple Blythe Alison Martin, born May 14, 2004, and Moses Bruce Anthony Martin, born April 8, 2006.
Johnny Buckland is a godfather to Chris Martin's daughter, Apple.
Johnny and girlfriend Chloe Lee-Evans have one child, Violet, born November 3, 2007.
Guy Berryman married Joanna Briston in 2004
They have 1 daughter, Nico, who was born on September 17, 2006.
Will Champion married Marianne Dark, in 2003.
They have three kids: Ava born April 28, 2006, and twins Juno and Rex born May 7, 2008.

Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album
In 2000, The Billboard 200, Parachutes #51
"A Rush of Blood to the Head"
In 2002, Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album
In 2002, "In My Place" won Best Performance By A Duo Or Group w/ Vocal
In 2003, "Clocks" won Record Of The Year
Brit. Award for Mastercard British Album of the Year
Juno Award for International Album of the Year
Echo Award for Best International Rock/Pop Group
In 2008, Best Rock Album in the Grammy's
"Viva La Vida" was song of the year (Grammy)
"Viva La Vida" Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group w/ Vocal (Grammy)
Juno Award for International Album of the Year
Echo Award for Best International Rock/Pop Group
Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Album
Billboard Music for Top Alternative Album
Echo Award for Best International Rock/Pop Group
"Princess Of China" & "Paradise" are the 2 top songs for this album that got to many awards.... can't even name them
This album didn't win any awards for the fact that the songs in here are Coldplay's best
"Ghost Stories":
"A Sky Full Of Stars" is #24 on billboard 's hot 100, #4 on Canadian hot 100, #5 hot Digital Song, etc.
"Magic" is #13 on Canadian hot 100, #35 on Japan's Hot 100 singles, #6 on Hot Modern Rock Tracks, #7 on Hot Digital Songs, etc.
"Midnight" is #27 on Canadian Hot 100, #11 on Hot Digital Songs, #11 on Rock Songs,
(Interesting Coldplay Facts)
Presentation Overview
I my presentation, I will be talking about the GENERAL background of Coldplay. Their life before the band, their music background, their albums, their influences, the inspiration they made, and FUN FACTS (:
Band Background

Coldplay started in 1996 (founded in 1998)
Coldplay is an alternative rock band
(Interesting Coldplay Facts)
(Interesting Coldplay Facts)
Coldplay was not only influenced by other bands, but it inspired other bands, and singers as well. Coldplay inspired OneRepublic, Snow Patrol, Damien Rice, The Shore, and many more.
In My Place
Fix You
Speed of Sound
Viva La Vida
Princess Of China
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
Sky Full of Stars (Target Commercial)
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