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Shared Team Understanding Through Infographics

A presentation for UX Thursday Detroit - June 2013

Chris Farnum

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Shared Team Understanding Through Infographics

Shared Team Understanding Through Infographics
Look, I made an infographic!
UX Thursday Detroit - June20th 2013
Chris Farnum, Principal User Experience Specialist
@crfarnum #uxthursday
Products = Subscription databases featuring indexing and full text for journals, newspapers, magazines, trade pubs, books…
Customers = college, university, corporate,
and government libraries worldwide
in Ann Arbor, MI
My current project:
...a next generation of a suite of products for helping academic libraries manage their collections.
Working remotely with a Seattle-based team
The ProQuest Search Platform
Many changes last December...
New project leadership
New UX team members from outside
New objectives - a reboot of the project
New UX Process
Let's back up a bit...
An inside-outside perspective
Lots of questions
Design direction
An idea
Data sources include...
Measuring User Behavior
clicks, pages, sessions,
referrers, visitors and more
User Survey Program
Digging for Analytics Gems
Proximity to a local expert...
Charts, tools and reports aplenty
Farris Khan
Analytics Lead
satisfaction, questions, comments, segmentation and more
Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mayaevening/138372058/

Ask for help
Brainstorm questions, hypotheses
Get training and access to tools
Study existing reports
Gather data and analyze
Question - Should we consider mobile/responsive use in our designs? Which devices?
Library Administrators
Using Foresee dashboard, narrow surveys by date range and "role"
(aka persona).
The Problem?
Good info, but pages of dense charts.
That's nice,
but why?
Infoviz as Executive Summary
I went looking for tools and guidelines.
Another idea
Inspiration: Project Information Literacy
Infographics are a powerful way to summarize research
and stats.
I should try to make one.
visual.ly | a showcase of shared infographics by topic
Chris' keys to making an infographic...
Analyze till you find the headlines
Use just enough color and imagery
Communication is the goal
Simplicity wins
Apply your information architecture skills
Many Eyes Tool | create a graphic from your dataset
Many Eyes Blog | advice and tips from the pros
Even an infographic that mocks infographics...
by Grant Stewart, posted on visual.ly
And choose a model that fits your (ahem) abilities...
Tool = Visio
Basic Colors
White Background
Extremely simple shapes and icons
The method I chose:
Putting the steps together - an example:
Download charts and graphs;
start a doc to store it all.
Find Data
Gather Findings
"Now or in the near future, it will
be important to support mobile use
of Intota by Librarians."
"Are librarians more or less likely to use mobile devices? Which ones?
Create Headlines
& Graphics
then assemble...
Windows? I.E.?
An interesting reaction from our external designers
Questions & Comments
email Chris.Farnum@ProQuest.com
tweet @crfarnum
about http://about.me/crfarnum
Thank you!
Team Outcomes
Helped newcomers better understand the target audience
Mobile / responsive design identified as a future goal
Highlighted the need to design and test on multiple OS platforms and browsers, even if they aren't the designers favorites
Provided info about the types of sites and features that librarians use
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