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Journals and Portfolios

May 25 Camp

Rod Corbett

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Journals and Portfolios

Learning Journals Learning Circle Design Purpose Action Reflection Learning Planning Author One Many Self Instructor Editor Feedback How? Who? Program Scope One Project One Project Duration One Year Grading Peers What? Frequency? One Course Reflecting Writing Reading Learning Understanding Transformations One Program Life Long One Course Criteria? Portion of Final Grade? Design Celebrate Reflect Learning Portfolios Select Collect Project work Frequency? How Many? Who? Public? Readers Duration Purpose Understanding Instructor Who? Scope Criteria? Life Long One Project One Feedback What? Peers Frequency? Promotion One Year Program Self Assessment One Course Public? Portion of Final Grade? One Course Author Learning Editor Frequency? How Many? One Project Grading One Program Many Career Record How? Readers Who? Tools for online Journals

1. Blackboard Discussion Board (groups)
1. New Journal in 9
2. Etherpad - Titanpad
3. Blogger - Show mine, Pat's class
4. Word Press - Norms class and Creativity in C blog
1. Themes
5. Google Docs - compare to etherpad
1. Images
2. Drawings, presentations
3. Can embed
6. Google Sites
1. Themes
7. Zoho writer
1. Like docs but access with FB accounts
8. MS Word / dropbox to share
9. Google Wave
10. Email
11. Mahara
12. Facebook
13. Twitter
14. eXe / Dropbox
15. Wet Paint
Techs to support Journaling

1. Paper
2. Text
3. Photos
4. Sound
5. Electronic
6. Video
Tools for online Portfolios

1. Blogger - limit to 10 pages
2. Word Press -
3. Google Docs
4. Google Sites
5. Zoho writer
6. MS Word
7. Mahara
8. Facebook
9. My Space
10. Dropbox - to host
1. eXe
2. Komposer
3. Media files
11. Weebly
12. Glogster
13. Google Profiles
14. Netvibes
15. http://www.scrapblog.com/
16. Wix.com
17. http://www.snappages.com/
Techs to support Portfolios

1. Paper
2. Text
3. Photos
4. Sound
5. Electronic
6. Video
Storage Access Authoring/Editing Feedback Grading Logisitics Existing Orientation
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