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Usagi Tsukino

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Mythbusters.pmx

Myth Busters #2
What will help your mouth recover faster after eating hot peppers: milk, water, bread, tomatoes, or marshmallows?
The heat of peppers will not be healed if you drink water. However, the burning sensation (at least for me) can be healed with dairy (specifically milk). Bread can also give you relief by soaking up oily capsaicin that’s making your mouth burn (We used salty crackers, how fun). Acids like lime juice, lemon juice and tomatoes can also relieve the burning. Most salsa factories put in acid to balance out the heat. Marshmallows have gelatin in it, so they can absorb just as great as bread or crackers.
We are eating peppers and then drinking or eating one of our levels to see which one helps the spiciness the best. Our levels are marshmallows, water, milk, and bread.

We predict that the milk will help the most with getting rid of the spiciness from the hot peppers. We think the water will be the least helpful.
By: Jessica, Joy, Nicole, and Bella
By: Jessica
By: Joy
By: Nicole
By: Bella
IV, Levels, DV, Constants, Title, Control
2 for each level
IV: Different Drinks and Food
Levels: Marshmallows, Milk, Crackers, Water, Ketchup
Control: Water
DV: Spiciness of the Peppers
Trials: 1 for each level
Constants: How much we eat/drink of the levels, type of pepper, age of food ( How long we have had them), How much time between eating peppers (How long we wait between trials), temperature of food/water (Water and Milk refrigerated).
By: Joy
1. How much we eat/drink of the levels
2. Type of pepper
3. Age of food
4.The time between eating the peppers
5. Temperature of food/water
Our hypothesis was correct! The milk helped the most by absorbing the spicy flavor out of our mouths and the water did not help it actually made the spiciness stronger. This happened because the milk binds with spicy capsaicin absorbing the pepper's flavor but the water didn't help because watery liquids spread capsaicin
In the end, we found that water helped the least when trying to cool our mouths. Milk was the best solution to the spiciness of the peppers, but marshmallows was a close second.
By: Nicole
By: Jessica
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