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"Policies of Containment"-Ch. 14.5

Emily Pallack

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Pallack,Emily-per.1-PoliciesOfContainmentJigsaw

Policies of Containment Chapter 14, section 5 in green book Emily Pallack
Per. 1, Antoon picture of sailor kissing nurse on the day it was announced that war was over. Yalta Conference Feb. 4-11, 1945
meeting to discuss Europe's postwar organization
had leaders of USA, Soviet Union, & UK (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, & Winston Churchill)
took place in the Livadia Palace in Yalta, Crimea Map showing the location of the republic of Crimea Outcome of Yalta Conference Unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany
Forced German laborers to repair damage
Poland receives territorial compensation from Germany
Churchill & Stalin pledged to permit free elections in Poland, but Stalin never followed through
Stalin commits to participate in United Nations
Stalin agrees to enter fight against Japan
Germany was divided Picture of "The Big Three" at Yalta "Iron Curtain" Speech By Winston Churchill-March 5, 1946
At Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri
West didn't approve of speech because they thought Soviet Union was still an ally
Phrase gained popularity over time Map showing the Iron Curtain.
Red-Warsaw Pact countries
Blue-NATO members
Gray-militarily neutral
Dark Gray-Yugoslavia (independent) Truman Doctrine March 12, 1947
Rooted in the idea of "containment"
Containment: limiting communism to the areas already under Soviet control
Showed Americans would resist Soviet expansion in Europe
Truman sent military/economic aid to Greece & Turkey so that they would resist communism President Harry S. Truman Marshall Plan June 5, 1947 (established)
Massive aid package that funneled food/economic assistance to Europe from US to help rebuild
Truman offered aid to Soviet Union, Stalin declined & forbade Eastern Eurpoean countries to accept aid Label on American aid packages Domino Theory foreign policy theory during the 1950s to 1980s
promoted by US government
speculated that if one land in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a domino effect diagram of what domino effect would look like Why US Really Helped Out Propaganda War between US and Soviet Union
US wanted to defend capitalism & democracy against communism & totalitarianism
Soviet Union claimed moral high ground in struggle against Western Imperialism
Red-USSR "Iron Curtain" Speech Clip Sources Google Images


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