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Introduction to BPMS with ADONIS

An introduction to BOC's Business Process Management System based on ADONIS BPM Suite

BOC Group

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to BPMS with ADONIS

Quality Assurance Published
Business Process Model HTML, PDF, XML Efficient Collaboration Business Process in HTML
Quality Improvement

Process Re-Engineering

Process Innovation Generates Modeler
Employee Process Ownership

Maturity of Operation

Standardization Generates Feedback from
Process Owners & Practitioners Optimizing
through Innovation Kicking off your BPMS Life Cycle Features BPMN 2.0 The HTML Publication
allows full navigation
within your model This menu allows you to
navigate to your favorite views Provides an easy to use platform available to the whole organisation The Key to Professionally Operating your Business using ADONIS Process based Modeling Reusing Process Structures Efficient Modeling Business Process Management Systems Lets start with the basics BPMS = FRAMEWORK Developed by combining over 15 years
of experience in BPM Best Practices The BOC Group All put into one powerful BPM Software What's SPECIAL about ADONIS ? Adonis integrates all aspects of business processes such as ... All of this complexity is managed through
a central repository Clear and Efficient Overview
of your business as a whole Lets look at how BPM with ADONIS Can quickly generate value for your organisation A Business Process Model
is quickly generated by the
Modeler thanks to the easy
to use ADONIS modeling suite allows for the model to be updated and shared with key stakeholders or other supervisory leaders This is an important value-adding task related to BPM
Up to date Processes

Efficient Publishing

Process Archiving Allows Keeping only published (latest version) models available to users and stakeholders. The Built-in versioning promotes structured maintenance of your model repository HTML exports of your models provide up-to-date processes

full access to all process specifications

linkages to resources and information. BPMS BPMS Quick-wins for your BPM Program based on ADONIS and ... Versioning HTML Publishing BPMS is a for Process Management and continuous process improvement A user friendly environment
promotes process innovation Supported The value is multiplied
when the BPMS is shared
throughout the company All running on an Internet Browser
with full access on mobile devices ADONIS integrates all aspects of Business Processes such as... HTML Model Home Company Overview Working Environment IT Systems Providing full access navigation and viewing experience HTML Models integrate
full linkage of the business The expertise and support of
BOC through the http://www.boc-group.com Clear graphical representation
with a high level of detail Activity Name Versioning

Process Awareness

Continuous Improvement Generates Process know how and experience derived from the Business Operation can be efficiently leveraged to generate process innovation Life Cycle Your People BPMS Model Types KPI's for management
of goals in each process Provides an extended process documentation
view and linkage to business processes Define and link
needed IT Resources -Applications
-Hardware Process Responsibility
by Activity
-Role based
-Linked to responsible Data and Documents that allow -Easy access to process related
-Understanding of data flow
-Transparency in Data responsibility Data Inputs and Outputs -Directly linked to dependent Activities Type of Activity -Manual
-etc. -running times
-Cost of operation
-Resource Utilization Variables for process simulation to determine
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