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sport assiment

No description

kieran anderson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of sport assiment

RUGBY By Kieran Rugby Ball Rugby is a team sport and you will need up to twenty three players to play the game. Its an enjoyable game. William Webb Ellis invented Rugby Union. Rugby In 1823 when William Webb Ellis was playing soccer, he caught the ball in his arms and ran with it. He was playing at Rugby School in England. Scotland, England, Wales, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Argentina, South Africa and Australia are the eight best countries at playing rugby. Rugby Nations When and where the first game of rugby was played The first international game was played in
Scotland at Raeburn between Scotland and England
in 1871 and Scotland won 1-0.
You play as a team, you share the ball, you help one anther, you play out doors, you learn ball skills and it is good for fitness. The two main rules are you can not throw it forward and you can't spear tackle (picking up someone and dropping them on their head) or you will get penalized and loose your advantage. You can be sent off for dangerous play. Richard Lindon's wife (who used to blow up the bladder based rugby balls for her husband) contracted a lung disease thought to have come from years of blowing up pig's bladders (some of which were most probably diseased) and died.
In the 1850s vulcanised rubber was invented by an American, Charles Goodyear and separately by Thomas Hancock in the UK in 1843.
Around 1862 Richard Lindon introduced Indian rubber bladder inner-tubes and because of the pliability of rubber the shape of the balls gradually changed from a sphere to the shape we know today. Richard Lindon, having observed the ordinary ear syringe also invented the Brass Hand Pump as rubber bladders were far too difficult to inflate by mouth, which he demonstrated, and won medals, at an exhibition in London. Richard Lindon also claimed to invent the rugby ball and its distinctive oval shape but sadly, for him, didn't patent either the ball, the bladder or the pump. By the 1880s there were several manufacturers of 'footballs' in England all using the same process How The Rugby Ball Was Made How to play Rugby The stone says:
This stone commemorates the
exploit of William Webb Ellis
who with a fine disregard for the rules of football
as played in his time first took the ball in his arms and ran with it thus originating the distinctive feature of the rugby game.
A.D. 1823 Scotland England What does it encourage? Rugby rules thank you for watching!!! year 4!!!
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