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Snow Leopards and Grey Wolves

No description

katerina koudinov

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of Snow Leopards and Grey Wolves

Snow Leopards
Why are we endangered?
What affects will it make on the environment if the snow leopard become extincted?
Snow leopards have been on the endangered list since 1972.

There are a total estimate
that there are 4,080-6,590
snow leopards left on earth.
Why are Snow
Leopards endangered?
Snow Leopards and
Grey Wolves.

Hi ,my name is Snow leopard, but some people call me the ghost cat. I am a rare cat in the big cat family. I live in the cold harsh mountains in Central Asia, Russia, Nepal, and India(just some examples). I live up to 21 years and can jump 15 meters forward and 6 meters vertically.
My scientific name is panthera uncia
They can
kill prey 3
times there
Where does it happen?
They are a few reasons why we are endangered.
were being killed and used for traditional asian medicine (tigers are the main source traditional asian medicine but are really rare to find)so now their killing us.
People living near snow leopards only earn $300 a year and a dead snow leopard can be sold for $200.(poaching)
Human livestock have pushed further into our habitat over grazing. The sheeps and goats living in the mountain have less to eating making it hard to survive. (sheeps and goats are our main food source)
One long term affect is
Global warming
Grey Wolves
Hi I'm a grey wolf, but you can call me by my usual name, timber wolf. My scientific name is, Canis Lupis. Here's some things to know about me, In the wild I live up to 6 years average, in captivity I live up to 15 years. I am the largest wild member of canine family and adults weigh up to 75-125 pounds. I can live in the mountains, forest ,grassland and woodland. I am from Canada, Alaska, Russia, parts of Asia and sometimes Europe.
Who will it affect?
What are our biggest threats?
our biggest threats are
- it is illegal hunting,killing or capturing of wild animals
Retribution killing
- is when you are punished for bad things or rewarded for good things. we don't have enough food so we hunt the human livestock the farmers then kill the snow leopards to prevent it from happening again
Loss of Habitat and Prey
- People have mined in the snow leopards habitat destroying the snow leopards habitat
Climate Change
Quick 3 fact's about the snow leopard
Snow leopard's tail are about as long as there body's
The female snow leopard is 30% smaller than the male
Snow leopards can't roar like a lion or a tiger nor can they purr like a house cat
Grey wolfs can go 14 days without a good meal
Gray wolfs travel in packs of 4 to 7
My story
Grey wolves disappeared in the early 1900's because of hunting but very few were left and reproduced and with your help the grey wolves came back in the late 1900's .
We became classified as an endangered species in 1973.
It happens in
Central Asia
Snow leopards are the one of only non aggressive cats in the big cat family
Mostly it happens
in China because they have 60% of the snow leopards habitat and they kill us to use in their medicines.
It happens a lot where the snow leopards live because where we live is very rugged and there's not much civilization to make sure there are no illegal hunting or killing of snow leopards.
It will affect
Blue sheep ,ibex ,marmots etc.
because they are the prey of snow leopards and if the snow leopards become extincted they will over populate. Then they will eat all the grass and plants. Next no one is eating them and they will have no food at all since they ate it all. They will have to fight and kill each other to survive.
Also snow leopards eat pika's that if not balanced will make burrows everywhere and the grass and plants won't be able to

The snow leopards keep the mountains healthy and in balance and if there is a healthy snow leopard then more or likely the environment will be healthy as well.
How can society better sustain the environment for snow leopards?
our prey would over populate and then they would over graze leaving no food to eat and they would all starve . Then the pollinators would disappear because there is no flowers or plants to pollinate. Which will mean there will be no plants or vegetation on the mountains.
The mountain would be a desert no one would live there, no food or shelter to survive.
What can be done to prevent the extinction of the Snow leopards?
mostly because of humans, they trap, shoot and poison us
we are killed for our fur
poaching (even though its illegal to hunt us)
habitat destruction/habitat loss
some people kill us because of fear
loss of food
Where is this happening?
Dark green parts is where we live now light green parts is where we used to live
Why help the grey wolves?
Its important to help keep wolves in general from becoming extinct because they keep control of many important species such as: elk, deer caribou, moose, rabbit, beaver etc. and grey wolves tend to go for the weaker/injured prey rather than the stronger healthier prey, which tends to help eliminate the weaker animals so that the stronger and healthier ones can reproduce and have strong litters.
What's our biggest threat?
Humans hunt deer elk and other preys of grey
wolves forcing the grey wolves to move to find other food sources.
they cut down trees and destroy our habitat so we have to live somewhere else.
us and make clothing out of our fur
humans shoot trap and poison us because some people believe in old myths about wolves, think that
wolves would attack humans (we are normally shy and
attack humans) and farmers kill wolves because they think wolves will eat their farm animals ( which we rarely do and when we do its because we cant find enough food.)
Where we live
How can we better sustain
the Grey wolves?
You can donate to campaigns which are helping to save us (
snow leopard trust
). The money given would be probably used to make better fence for the farmers living near snow leopard. It will help because snow leopards eat the human livestock and the farmers kill then to prevent it from happening again. Support Snow leopard campaigns.
Society can better sustain the snow leopards habitat by walking instead of driving and not polluting the air. It will help because Snow leopards biggest long term threats is

. Also society can help educate people to know about the decline of Snow leopard population.
Our fur is great for camouflage, and for keeping us warm in the cold harsh mountains.
Grey wolf fur is great for camouflage
and it's gets it name from it's fur.
What are we doing to help already?
Who will it affect?
My fur helps me camouflage and our fur also gives us our name.(not all grey wolves have grey fur some have white some have black.) My fur is also the reason why I'm endangered.
The End
If we become extinct then there will be too many deers, elk, rabbit, caribou, moose, etc. then all of our prey would start growing more and more since there's one less preditor to eat them then the plants those species eat will start disappearing because there's to many species eating plants. Next our prey and the other species who eat the same food as our prey will all have to have to move to another place with more food or eventually die from starvation.
Also it is one of the reasons why we became endangered.
Thanks for watching
Graphs about the snow leopard and the grey wolf
Food web
We are educating people about the grey wolves disappearances and comeback
after the greywolves started coming back we added them to the endangered species list to insure their saftey (even though many people are debating if they should or should not be on the endangerd species list
we are conserving areas which have populations of grey wolves from hunting and poaching.
we are studying the grey wolves to learn more about them and their lifestyle
making organizations to raise awaness and get donations for example wwf or defenders
we have changed the law and made it illegal to hunt wolves
Also report sitings of snow leopards to help learn how many snow leopards are and if our work is paying off
Society can better sustain the grey
wolves by learning about them and
telling other people about them to
make them interested in helping out
the grey wolves. Society can
donate to organizations which
help stop the hunting of the
grey wolves.
simple food web for grey wolves
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