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Copy of Functional Fitness

Presentation for Fitness Classes

Bill Walters

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Functional Fitness

Our definition of 'Fitness' must
be based on Physical Literacy.
Functional Fitness serves our students
now and their future in their athletic pursuits
and in their everyday life in their
pursuit of a Healthy Active Lifestyle.
Exercise is movement,
you can't exercise sitting down!
If our students are not
going to be bodybuilders
why train them like bodybuilders?
A Healthy Active Lifestyle
requires movement. Whether
movement is dynamic in playing
a sport or picking up a toddler
off of the floor.
Exercise builds Brains
Fitness is not about
what the mirror
Functional Fitness
Multi-joint, core activated,
form, dynamic, cardio,
full range of movement,
We hold the key
to Student Success

It is about providing
opportunities to succeed
for all students!
Learning Goals
Functional Fitness and it's benefits
Inclusive / DI / Student Success
Physical Literacy / Transferrability
Success Criteria
PL is our Big Picture
Use what you got here today on Tuesday
Every student can experience success
Functional Fitness activities are
easily modified so every student
can succeed and progress.
Functional Fitness builds
Physical Literacy.
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