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CES Presentation

for IDRC

Matt Walton

on 28 June 2010

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Transcript of CES Presentation

Knowledge Persuasion Decision Implementation Confirmation Estimated total of google searches for "outcome mapping": 40,000+ Offline Social media "chatter" Crowd Sourced Segmentation/trends/Interests Bibliometrics Survey Results Interview Results 101 81 68 responses to the survey have searched for "outcome mapping" did so after first learning about Outcome Mapping in an attempt to learn more Findings Web analytics is... the study of online behaviour* in order to improve it " Google Flu Google Domestic Trends Luxury Goods
Unemployment Auto Buyers What would you do if you had "bedbugs"? *in order to understand offline behaviour Delicous how often do you visit outcomemapping.ca? 1 5 2.7 2 4 not at all very often Heard about Outcome Mapping Did a Search for Information Visited outcomemapping.ca registered as a member decided to attend training Pre-Web Analytics Work 47% have commented 8% through website 26% Access website through Search "don't let them bite" The Internet is Ubiquitous Introduction Outcome Mapping For researchers & evaluators The inherent nature of computing permits us to track, analyze, and store records of all online activities. " Findings New approach to research:
look at entire population
retrospective segmentation Interest Offline activity Information Ecology IDRC &
Outcome Mapping
New Visits to outcomemapping.ca New member registrations to outcomemapping.ca Visits to outcomemapping.ca from Venezuela Visits to outcomemapping.ca from Vancouver Tools
search aggregation
server logs
website analytics
social media monitoring
web crawlers Triangulation Web Analytics tools for evaluation: An exploratory study of Outcome Mapping on the Internet Matthew Walton
Evaluation Unit

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Keyword Search Keyword Indicies Keyword Algorithms outcomemapping.ca online ecology social media monitoring IDRC: Research for Development

Outcome Mapping: an innovation for evaluation (evaluable planning)

Our role now: devloved Purpose #1 interested in the spread of ideas (OM)
indicators beyond bibliometrics Purpose #2 contribute methodological development for evaluators 1.5 million 'visits' to idrc.ca since Jan Average net worth + /2 = 26.5 billion! Exploratory look at web analytics tools as they can be used to track the spread of ideas around the world Key Conditions/ Limitations interaction and sharing occurs online
"outcome mapping" is unique
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