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No description

Patrick Prunty

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of House

Double click anywhere & add an idea Appearance Overview of Tv-Show Master Diagnostician unconventional weird
lonely genius. i love him. bed-head facial stubble
(i think it looks
cool) suit-coat w/ wrinkled shirt underneath blue jeans running shoes. keep in mind, this guy is a
doctor, who is supposed to look
professional, everyone in the
hospital he works at does. sorta, looks like a homeless guy.
level of alertness highly focused attentive to detail the best doctor ever except when strung out
on Vicodin. (in season 4) mood treats everyone like
"idiots" really just projecting his own self-loathing onto others.
a sad, depressed,
and lonely man. consciousness hyperalert
alert to surroundings. except when high. oreintation and memory normal. beyond normal intellect judgement
social: poor test: poor insight: beleives he is functional expressive behavior shows people how
big of "idiots" they are "screwing" with people is one of his
favorite hobbies. speaking of screwing... affect likes being a jerk eye contact tone of voice thought content and
thought form
normal perception auditory and visual
hallucinations. physical complaints leg hurts where muscles were removed It all began when... muscle death in his leg released myglobin
into his blood stream destroying the kidneys
and threatening his life. the doctors were forced to
forever in pain, vicodin
was perscribed. Psychosocial and
problems in:... Primary support group: his
Dad died but House was uneffected Social Enviornment: friend's girlfriend died. he beleived he was the cause. No economic, occupational, or social problems. Access to Health Care Services: to easy
of access to more more more vicodin. Legal Sytem: Has done illegal drugs
before, and does not respect the law. attempting to be House-like Abnormal symptoms:
A. Qualatative Social Impairment B. Tolerance for Vicodin C. Withdrawl from Vicodin
D. Continued Use of Vicodin What it All means... A suggests Autistic Disorder, but is not
sufficient alone for diagnosis. B,C,&D together qualify House for a Diagnosis of Opiod
Dependance Disorder.
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