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Why did Britain take over New France

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Mahad Abdi

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Why did Britain take over New France

How it Started?
It all started when the French started
taking over British's trading posts and destroying native villages that supported them.The people of New England were asking the king for an army. But he refused because he didn't want to start trouble.
Why did Britain take over New France
The British started to get their fire going in the year 1759. The captured forts all over New France. The captured Forts Duquesne(finally), Ticonderoga, and LouisBourg. But their best victory was in september,when they captured Quebec.
The Tides Turn for the British
The king finally said yes for an army after the French had made Fort Duquesne. The army made their own fort called Fort Necessity but the French had captured it. The king finally declared war!
A Way To War
The French and Natives were destroying the
British. The attack in 1755 for Fort Duquesne
was terrible for the British. They lost lots of man and General Braddock was killed. For 2 years they kept losing the battles.
France's Victories
Landing of the British army in
september 13 1759
The French fought the British in all parts of the world like India and Africa. It continue for 3 more years and finally until the French signed the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
End of a Violent War
Treaty of Paris
Anwer to the Question
The British took over New France Because the French were threatening Britain the whole way. By destroying their trading posts with the Natives and the natives villages the had supported them.
By: Adam and Mahad
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