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Eco friendly

No description

Joe ashton

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Eco friendly

Friendly Your Guide to do your part to the enviroment helping the enviroment is easier than you think by following this guide you be eco warriors in no time Simple thing like recycling plastic bottels or cans really does make a differents But it not all about rubbish
its also about the
electronics as that it also causing
global warming also! also if you cut down on electronics
you can save plenty off money aswell! So why not?
Its so simple but it can
make a different not just to us but thats hundreds
of animals being killed from it You must want to
stop this You know This cant
Continue! Help save the world! Do your Part! Help these Animals! Help Your Self! Its easy! So... You know it has
to stop But with such
bad results
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