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Unit 3 - The Mind and Sports Performance - Learning Aim B - Explore the influence that motivation and s

Part 2 - Self Confidence and Self Efficacy

Sam Spong

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit 3 - The Mind and Sports Performance - Learning Aim B - Explore the influence that motivation and s

Learning Aim B - Explore the influence that motivation and
self confidence
have on
sports performance (B.7 / B.8 / B.9 / B.10 / B.11 )

Why is self-confidence important?
Muhammed Ali -
Methods to increase self confidence

A technique used to
enhance self
by picturing yourself
being successful
Methods to increase self-confidence
Self Talk
A Technique used to improve self confidence by telling yourself that you will be successful.


Self Efficacy
Confidence in a specific situation, related to performing a task with a specific goal in mind.
: the belief that a desired behaviour can be performed.
Can separate highly succesful athletes from less successful ones
Producing positive emotions
Improves concentration and effort
Develops positive game plans
Improving performance
Task 1 - see worksheet
4 Key factors
1. Performance Accomplishments
2. Imaginal Experiences
3. Vicarious Experiences
4. Verbal Persuasion
ICT Task
Performance Accomplishments:
previous accomplishments that increase your belief in future performances (one of strongest factors)
Vicarious Experiences
Using modeling or demonstrations to develop self-efficacy (If they can - I can) (familiar)
Vebal Persuasion
Teachers, Coaches and peers persuading you that you can be successful (If you feel they believe it, you might to)
Imaginal Experiences
Imagining personal performances are successful (visualising the perfect performance)
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