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Flip the Switch

How CFF at William Allen High School is revolutionizing education.

Stephen Reck

on 17 December 2009

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Transcript of Flip the Switch

we spend more time off-task Flip the Switch One Year of Twenty-First Century Learning Students Say... Research and
observation finds
the opposite! One year in... Thank
You we spend less time in lecture, listening to
the teacher in a large group setting. we spend more time working
independently or in groups,
class is student-centered we spend more time listening to other
students, collaborating we converse with our teacher on a one
to one basis more frequently our grades are determined more
by projects, papers, original works,
instead of traditional tests we use technology
more frequently Students created collaborative
presentations on body systems
in Mr. Shafnisky's Anatomy
class. Students made a film holding a
debate between Federalists and
Anti-Federalists in Mr. Warmkessel's
Government class. Students used Google Earth to
calculate the total area of William Allen
High School in Mrs. Clay's geometry
class. Students in Mr. Manning's English class blogged
live from capitol hill, sharing their experiences
during President Obama's inauguration. ... and we hope for
many more, but we
need your help. Students think
because they are
engaged, entertained,
and excited, they must
be off-task.
They are accustomed to
traditional instructional
In truth, time off task in
the CFF classroom is
less than in
a traditional
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